‘A parent’s love in incomparable’: Retired Colonel turns ‘mother’ for pregnant daughter

While pregnancy can be a wholesome experience, the journey is not always easy and is often peppered with bots of mood swings, difficulties in keeping down food and many more not-so-little bothers. And most women would find themselves turning to their mothers for every little thing. However, when a man got to know his daughter was pregnant a year after his wife passed away, he stepped up to fill in her place. Now, a poignant post by the father has left people emotional online.

In a heart-warming thread, Retired Colonel Sanjay Pande shared how he wanted his daughter to get the best care during her pregnancy, although admitting that had his wife been around, he would have been pretty “useless”. But adhering to his traits of a fighter, he didn’t let anything be an obstacle once he set his target. He decided to be a ‘mother’.

“Right from the day she informed me, I planned her traditional diet, learned by researching through nights, YouTube, elders, books and everything I could lay my hands on,” Pande wrote. He soon began making a nutritious laddus for his expecting daughter.

He then encountered another hurdle of sending it over to the UK from Delhi. However, undeterred by anything, the doting father figured it out quickly and mastered the process of sending over various kinds of laddus. “Vaccum packing machine, food grade plastics, freezing laddus for 96 hrs, packing as sending them by parcel to UK,” he explained the process of sending the sweets to his daughter. Explaining why his efforts mattered so much, he added, “The first lot saved my daughter’s life since she was eating nothing.”

“Every type of healthy & nutritious food that a traditional Indian mother would give to her daughter was made by me personally,” he wrote. And even though pandemics set in and the world went under a lockdown, Pande made sure nothing stopped him from taking care of his daughter in a different country. “All eight months she was fed in UK what she would have got here.”

And once the baby was delivered, Pande worried about how he could now take care of his daughter in post-partum. He got down to research again, this time focusing on foods helping in lactation, and he “continued for each month.”

Finally, when he could travel again, he visited his daughter and grandchild in the UK and took more laddus with him. “Whether it was Garden Cress, Edible Gum, Methi, Shatawari or many such things, I became master,” the proud father said. He was elated that the flow of these mothers’ special food was supplied by a father to his daughter and how it continues, with now even his grandchild enjoying it.

“Today I have perfect recipes of more than 12 laddus that women require from conception to the baby crossing a year of age,” he wrote. “I feel so proud of myself that I did not let my wife down. My daughter wears by me and refuses to touch anything given by others,” Pande added.

“I never realised that what I did from Jan 2019 up to today was anything but my duty,” he wrote in conclusion.

Moved by his thread, many said it is a beautiful story celebrating the love between a father and daughter. Others saluted him for his determination to master things unknown to him. While praising him, some even requested him to share his perfected recipes so it can in turn help others.


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