All 10 Legends and their abilities explained

Apex Legends Mobile is here for Android and iOS after a long wait and it brings the popular battle royale shooting game to many more players. While players who have tried out other battle royale games like BGMI or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will find the shooting aspects of the game very similar, Apex Legends is much more than that.

Apex Legends Mobile is full of special characters called Legends. All of them have their own special abilities classified under three categories – tactical, passive and ultimate abilities. These characters are what you and other players will select during gameplay. What specific characters you choose determines how you perform in the match, so knowing about all the Legends is important.

Note that not all Legends will be introduced at once. You will unlock more as you progress through the game and improve your rank. Here are all the Apex Legends and their abilities.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is the first character you will play as in the game, including during the initial tutorial. The technological hunter comes with an ‘Eye of the Allfather’ tactical ability. This allows players to briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps and other clues in front of them.

Bloodhound also possesses the ‘Tracker’ passive ability that allows players to see tracks left behind by enemies, enabling one to pinpoint their enemy’s location and strategise an attack accordingly. The ultimate ability is ‘Beast of the Hunt’, which is sort of a rage mode that enhances the player’s senses, allows them to move faster and highlight their prey for a limited time.

2. Lifeline

Lifeline is a combat medic with medical perks impacting the player and teammates. The character’s tactical ability is ‘DOC Heal Drone’ which calls a health drone that will heal all nearby Legends.

The ‘Combat Revive’ passive allows players to put up a small shield. One can take cover behind this and fallen players can be revived as well. Lifeline’s ultimate ability is ‘Care Package’ that lets the player call in a drop package full of higher-tier defensive equipment.

3. Octane

Called the high-speed daredevil, Octane is all about speed and attacking. The ‘Stim’ tactical ability allows the player to move faster and reduce slowing down effects for six seconds. However, this does come at the cost of health.

The ‘Swift Mind’ is the passive ability and this allows players to gradually combat themselves when they stay out of. The ultimate ability is ‘Jump Pad’. This allows players to deploy a jumping pad in-game, where all players can jump to great heights to gain a tactical advantage and reach tall areas quickly.

4. Gibraltar

A defensive character, Gibraltar’s ‘Dome of Protection’ tactical ability allows players to deploy an energy shield that blocks incoming and outgoing attacks. As a side benefit, teammates also revive quicker inside the dome.

The ‘Gun Shield’ is the passive ability and this allows players to pull up an energy shield every time they use ADS (aiming down the sight). This shield does shatter eventually but can be used again after some time. The ‘Defensive Bombardment’ ultimate ability allows players to throw a mortar strike beacon that triggers an aerial strike. This damages anyone caught in the blast and also slows them down and blurs their vision.

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a forward-moving scout with interesting Batman-like abilities. The ‘Grapple’ tactical ability lets players quickly use an attached grapple gun to tether themselves to a high location and get there in a second.

The ‘Insider Knowledge’ passive ability allows players to reveal the location of the next gameplay Ring when scanned. However, every scan reduces the cooldown of the Zipline gun. The ‘Zipline Gun’ ultimate ability lets players create a zipline between any two points that they themselves as well as teammates can use to get to unreachable areas quickly.

6. Wraith

Wraith is a psychic character and so are her abilities. With ‘Into the Void’, Wraith’s tactical ability, players can enter the Void, an alternate dimension of sorts through which they can move without taking damage.

The ‘Voices from the Void’ is a passive ability that alerts players with voices whenever they are spotted, targeted or near traps. The ‘Dimensional Rift’ is Wraith’s ultimate ability and this allows players to place two portals and move between them instantaneously.

7. Bangalore

Bangalore is another offensive character with unique abilities. These include the ‘Smoke Launcher’ tactical ability that allows a player to fire a smoke canister in the game that explodes into a large smoke screen that blocks vision.

The ‘Double Time’ passive ability allows players to sprint faster while running if they take fire. Bangalore’s ultimate ability is called ‘Rolling Thunder’ and this one allows the player to call in an artillery strike on a location. Exploding shells fall out of the sky, causing damage and blurred vision to all players caught in it.

8. Caustic

Known as the toxic trapper, Caustic uses the ‘Nox Gas Trap’ tactical ability to drop up to six gas canisters that release toxic gas when shot or triggered.

The ‘Nox Vision’ passive ability allows Caustic to see enemies through the gas released by canisters. The ‘Nox Gas Grenade’ ultimate ability allows the player to throw a gas grenade that covers a large area with the toxic gas and slows affected players down, while gradually dealing damage.

9. Mirage

Seen as the character that introduces you with the basic controls during the initial tutorial, Mirage is a trickster with unique deceptive abilities. The ‘Psyche Out’ tactical ability sends out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.

The character’s ‘Now You See Me’ passive ability allows the player to cloak themselves when using respawn beacons and reviving teammates. When the player is knocked down, the ability also releases a decoy and briefly makes one invisible.

The ‘Life of the Party’ is an ultimate ability that allows the player to deploy a team of distracting decoys that mimic your movements while the original character is cloaked.

10. Fade

A new exclusively mobile-only character, Fade is not available on Apex Legends on other platforms. The character’s ‘Flashback’ tactical allows players to teleport to where they were a few seconds ago instantaneously using the Void. You can check out the new character in the gameplay trailer below.

The ‘Slipstream’ passive ability allows players to gain a temporary speed boost at the end of a slide. Finally, the ‘Phase Chamber’ ultimate ability allows the player to release a phase cage to send all Legends in range inside the Void.


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