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What Should You Consider Before Renting A Car In India?



India is a dynamic country with a multicultural population, terrible traffic, and stunning cities. Because of this, touring the nation will be an educational and enjoyable experience if you book a car hire in India. Your experience will be enhanced with a trustworthy and seasoned chauffeur. All of this is provided to you by Chiku Cab at a fair and affordable cost.

For a number of reasons that we will cover in more detail in the article, renting a chauffeured automobile in India is a far more practical alternative than doing so for a self-drive vehicle. And the best part is that it’s actually quite affordable. When you hire a car in India with a driver, you can sit back in comfort, unwind, and take in the country’s breathtaking scenery while you go.

What should you consider before renting a car in India?

Although picking a car rental company in India may appear simple, you should proceed with great caution and investigation. Here is some quick advice on everything you should consider before renting a car in India:

1. To have a hassle-free journey, rent the car from your pick-up point.

Booking your car from the convenience of your home is always preferable to haggling with a driver once you get to India. You may determine the agency’s authenticity and protect yourself from touts you may encounter at the airport by checking the agency’s evaluations on websites. It’s also vital to keep in mind that in India, you will always be offered cab services at a greater cost when you rent a car from your hotel. Booking your transportation through a reputable online cab booking company in India will guarantee a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. If an unexpected event occurs, such as a car breakdown or another, the car rental company will be liable for providing a suitable replacement vehicle or driver.

2. INR Must Be Used For Payment

You won’t have to worry about currency exchange while taking in India’s charm and beauty if you hire a luxury car from the best outstation cab service in India.
Paying in local currency or in dollars will result in dynamic currency conversion rates, making it an expensive choice for foreign travelers. In India, credit card adoption is still below average, hence the majority of small businesses still do not accept credit card payments. For the benefit of travellers, Chiku Cab is credit card friendly and affiliated with a reputable international payment gateway for secure transactions. Credit card companies execute transactions in any currency.

3. Skilled Drivers Operated Vehicles

India is a country with infamous traffic, therefore road travel is a necessary component of any vacation there. It can be troublesome for someone to drive on Indian roads for the first time. In addition, because India was once a British colony, cars must drive on the right side of the road. Therefore, foreign tourists should definitely hire a car with a driver in India to guarantee a stress-free vacation. A team of skilled drivers with years of expertise delivering tourists from abroad makes up Chiku Cab. As a result, they can all communicate in simple English. Our skilled drivers, who have traveled these routes for many years, will be a huge help to you as you visit the little towns, villages, and vibrant, congested cities. This is an added advantage of online cab booking in India with Chiku Cab.

4. Driver-accompanied outstation travel

You don’t have to worry about the driver’s lodging or food when you rent a car from a reputable car rental company in India. The business will take care of it. Additionally, Indian drivers are flexible with timing. They can comfortably drive for extended periods of time throughout the day and at night, but it’s important that the drivers have enough time for meals and rest. Always keep in mind that Indian drivers count on receiving tips from their passengers, either in the form of a one-time payment at the end of the journey or on a daily basis.

5. Car Insurance and Security

Chiku Cab, one of the leading cab rental companies in India, has equipped its vehicles with emergency kits, fire extinguishers, torches, and umbrellas to protect the safety of its customers. The vehicles are GPS-enabled as well, allowing us to track your car’s whereabouts at all times for your protection. To ensure your safety and convenience, we even provide you the driver’s contact information, together with the driver’s photo and the license plate number of the car, before your trip begins. You should also confirm that the car, tempo traveler, or bus provided for you is fully and suitably insured. This will be useful in the event of any malfunction or unforeseen circumstance.

6. Unrestricted mileage with no additional fees

We are pleased to let you know that Chiku Cab is the only
cab rental company in India to provide an unlimited mileage option. This implies that if you use our services, there is no cap on the distance you can travel in a single day. We are the only aggregators that provide our clients with such affordable and sensible differential pricing. The cost of the luxury car rental for outstation trips in India is competitively priced. Fuel, insurance, and the driver’s allowance are all included in the price of renting a car. Because we firmly believe in complete openness, there won’t be any additional fees during the entire journey. Additionally, the organization offers you the option to begin in any location and be left off in any city. However, the traveler is responsible for covering the costs associated with returning the vehicle to their hometown.


With a lot of competitors entering the car hire in India services, not many have the luxury to attain customer satisfaction as compared to Chiku Cab. Travel intercity or intracity, we assure you the best prices along with top-notch comfort.

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