Everything You Need to Know About the Newly Launched Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

India’s Gen MZ today follow several passions, exploring multiple talents and stopping at absolutely nothing. They want a smartphone that can keep up with it all. Samsung’s biggest launch in this segment, the all-rounder Galaxy M53 5G which was launched just today, is all set to live up to these expectations. This is a smartphone that is built specifically for India’s Gen MZ and is up for it all. The phone comes loaded with a set of powerful and innovative features, which will help Gen MZ explore their many, many passion points like photography, gaming, video blogging, and even more.

Let’s take a look at some of these extraordinary new features on the brand-new Galaxy M53 5G

Segment best 108MP primary camera sensor that’s up for it all

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G features a powerful 108-megapixel primary camera sensor. The large sensor can help you capture crystal clear photographs that will help you take your social media game to the next level. Samsung Galaxy M53 5G can help you capture stunning shots no matter where you go, no matter what time of the day.

Gen MZ has always been into multi-perspective photography, and that’s why Samsung decided to pack in a quad-camera setup that consists of a 108MP primary sensor, 8MP Ultra-Wide lens, 2MP Depth sensor and a 2MP Macro lens. The camera setup lets you capture crystal clear details in every photo you click, taking your photography skills to the next level. The Galaxy M53 5G cameras are ever-ready to take brilliant shots and portraits at any time of the day. The phone also sports a 32MP front-facing camera, which will deliver perfect selfies to set your social media platforms on fire.

Leaving no stone unturned to impress Gen MZ, Samsung has also added innovative features to the new hero of its M-series lineup. The Object Eraser, Photo Remaster and Video Call effects. Let us tell you in brief about these exciting features:

Object Eraser is a much-needed feature for always-ready-to-edit-photos Gen MZ person. It helps to remove any unwanted object or a person who decided to photo-bomb your amazing selfie with a bokeh effect. Could the Galaxy M53 5G be any more perfect?

The Remaster feature brings old photos back to life. The tool simply refines any photo you desire, and you don’t even have to play with the settings of the app to enhance the quality of your image as the feature can do all the editing on its own, without needing any human interference. In case, you decide to get back to the original quality of the image, the app can also help you in reverting all the applied changes, bringing the original version back.

Samsung Video Call effects feature was limited to the company’s flagship phones so far. However, the South Korean giant is bringing this innovative feature into the Galaxy M53 5G for Gen MZ. This feature lets you blur out the background or set a custom background in video calls made through various video calling apps. This newly-added feature will take the video calling experience to a whole new level.

6nm MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor for unbeatable performance
Screenshot 2022 04 20 at 101248 AM

Galaxy M53 5G is powered by the blazing-fast MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor that has been tweaked to deliver a new era of incredible smartphone experiences. So, whether you play a graphically intensive game or do multiple tasks simultaneously, you’ll always find Galaxy M53 5G providing a top-notch performance. The processor’s octa-core CPU runs at 2.4 GHz, making it the most powerful M Series smartphone in India. The ARM Mali G68 GPU on Dimensity 900 processor delivers faster graphics rendering for a powerful gaming experience and smooth overall performance.

RAM Plus for all day long multitasking
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Since we are already talking about how fast Galaxy M53 5G is, let us tell you that the all-rounder phone also features the RAM Plus option, which adds a cherry on the top of the smartphone’s performance. This feature intelligently reads your multitasking needs and enables itself automatically in the background when you are doing several tasks on your phone simultaneously, ensuring lag-free performance day and night.

sAMOLED Infinity-O display with 120Hz refresh rate and Gorilla Glass 5
Samsung M 53 ArticleImg sAMOLED Infinity O Display 120Hz Refresh

Samsung’s Galaxy M53 5G offers a truly cinematic and immersive viewing experience whenever you will be going gaga while playing a mobile game or binge-watching that favorite series you always wanted to watch. The 120Hz refresh rate support will give you a super smooth and silky experience when you scroll through your most-used apps for shopping, uploading photos, and listening to music or podcasts. Yes, the display has been customized for all time immersive experiences. But what if you mistakenly drop the phone? Well, the display screen is protected by a sturdy Gorilla Glass 5, so no worries there too.

Auto Data Switching to help you stay connected

Samsung knows that making calls, sending texts, and simple internet browsing can get frustrating for Gen MZ in areas with limited or no network coverage by some carriers. That is why the company has diligently featured an Auto Data Switching option that lets you stay connected to your loved ones by automatically switching from the primary SIM to SIM2 in your phone if you lose network. With Galaxy M53 5G, you stay connected constantly anywhere you go.

Galaxy M53 5G is also up for seamless connection as it supports up to 12 5G bands, which means that it can connect to as many 5G bands as your preferred carrier can offer.

Vapor Cooling Chamber, so you can play, binge and socialize all day long
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Gen MZ’s new ideas come from their exploring mindset which remains cool all the time. Just the same way, Samsung Galaxy M53 5G’s top-notch performance comes from the Vapor Cooling Chamber that keeps the phone cool at all times. The feature allows you to do all the intense online gaming you want to do and maintain the temperature throughout your heavy usage.

Voice Focus for ultra-clarity during voice and video calls
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With the Voice Focus feature in Galaxy M53 5G, you can say goodbye to unclear conversations even when you are in noisy environments. This feature isolates your voice from the background noise and amplifies your sound so the other party on the voice or video call can hear you more clearly. It enhances the receiver’s voice, so that you hear as clear as you are heard.

Large Battery that’s up for it all — binge-watching to endless gaming sessions

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G also features a 5000 mAh battery that will stay up for all-time gaming, binge-watching a film or charging other smartphones. Yes, you read that right! The Galaxy M53 5G supports reverse charging, with which you can charge any other android phone you want. So, no more carrying a power bank when your phone itself is one with massive capacity. The large battery also supports 25W fast charging that will juice up your device in no time.

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G also supports Dolby Atmos, with its cinematic sound experience. The all-rounder phone also comes with Samsung’s Alt Z feature that will keep your private data away from the eyes of the prying public. The phone sports a Fingerprint sensor which will allow you to unlock the device with just one touch.

In conclusion, the Galaxy M53 5G is all set to take the market by storm with its robust performance and innovative features. It has just launched today and sale starts on April 29 at 12noon in two memory variants – 6GB/128GB and 8GB/128GB – and will be available in two colors – Blue and Green. You can get your hands on it by clicking on Amazon or Samsung Online Store to get notified. So stay tuned to Gadgets360 for more updates on the features of the all-rounder device.


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