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Hello my lovely readers! Hope you all are doing great! Did you miss me? Did you? I missed you guys a lot! Trust me! But so much was going on behind the scene that I could not plan to sit down and talk to you guys! travel! I am here today and already feeling so happy that I am talking to you guys again, my lovely readers! Thanks to you, in spite of all the life hassles, I keep coming back to this space which is my very own.

I don’t have a recipe in particular to share with you today! Don’t be surprised! My only agenda today is to talk to you guys – heart to heart! Past 2 years had been quite tough for many of us and we are still recovering from our loss, be it personal, physical or mental. Through this prolonged period of suffering, we also got a chance to reflect upon our life through a different lens altogether, didn’t we? I, for sure, did!

With so much discussion going on about immunity, we all started evaluating our own state of immunity consciously or sub-consciously. With so many expert advices floating around, we actually started to incorporate any random suggestion into our lifestyle to magically improve our immunity; without giving as much thought as we should because improving immunity and maintaining it is no joke!

Oven Roasted Broccoli

If you already have a strong immunity-induced body, congratulations! You are way ahead from many in the game! If you are not, just like me, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself! Trust me, it feels much better than you think it would. Taking care of yourself holistically not only improves your fitness and immunity, but also improves your emotional health. You start to feel good about yourself, you start to feel in control of things and not just surviving through the daily menial jobs.

I have been going through this change in my lifestyle (consciously of course!) very recently in my life and oh boy! I can’t explain on earth how liberating the experience is! When you take charge of your own well-being, you not only send positive vibes to your own brain & soul, but also to those who surround you. It becomes a happy circle and you will simply get addictive to it! And within a few days, your vivacious change will be visible to everyone!

Thai Mango Salad
Thai Mango Salad

If you are anything like me who wasted many years overthinking and assuming that nothing can be controlled by me, then please pause your thought! Take a step back and re-think! What is actually stopping you to take charge? Who is the main obstacle between you and your improvised self? Nothing and no one but YOU! It is only YOU who is pulling yourself back from taking the control over! Let me repeat! It is no one but YOU who is pulling yourself back from taking the control over! Just like I kept pulling myself back for decades!

To take the very first step towards a healthy YOU, the first and foremost thing you need to do is ACKNOWLEDGE! Acknowledge that there are a few things which you need to fix in order to live a more fulfilling life emotionally and physically. Take a closer look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself – are you happy with your life? A very simple question to ask but a very difficult one to answer, trust me! You can be a very happy person even with few medical complications and that’s perfect! That’s your reality and you should be thankful for having a happy life!

Chicken tikka
Chicken tikka

Be honest to yourself and ask the same question over and over again. You may be surprised to see that every day your answer is changing, or may be not! Whatever is your reality, accept it! Acknowledge it! Then you go to the next step of asking yourself – are you sure you will be equally or similarly happy 5 years down the line? Do you have all the means under your control which will continue to keep you happy 5 years or 10 years later? Don’t think about extreme circumstances like pandemic or war; In a normal real world, will you be able to continue to remain happy?

That question will lead you to much deeper insight of your overall well-being. If the answer is ‘NO’, you need to deeply reflect upon your current lifestyle and write down the things which you think might become the reasons for not living a happy and fulfilling life in the future. If I am confusing you way too much, let me give you my example in as much raw way possible.

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Thai Chili Basil Fried Rice

I have been overweight with a BMI of 30+ for as long as I can remember and I am in my late thirties. I didn’t care about myself for the longest time possible and was always under the effect of a mirage that life will go on like this for ever! It took way too long for me to accept my reality! I was in complete denial that my lifestyle will lead me to nothing but prolonged illness and an unhappy life! Finally what provoked me to take my first step? The inner voice of my relentless workaholic self!

Do you know what keeps me going? Work. Any kind! Work of my day job, working for my passion – cooking, stitching, decorating, designing, reading, reciting or merely cleaning up my kitchen! My brain cannot process the time with no work at hand! I am wired that way and I can’t imagine myself lying in bed not being able to do anything! Anything at all! That’s the deepest nightmare I have and I am still not sure if that is going to be my future thanks to the years of indiscipline and torture to my own body!

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs |  Flavor Quotient |  Mediterranean chicken kabobs are one of the most refreshing chicken kabobs I have ever had thanks to all the invigorating herbs and the colorful & crunchy veggies!  A definite must try not only for its stunning visual appeal but also for its amazing taste!
Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

Getting up way too late and feeling lethargic, skipping breakfast altogether for months after months, eating all sorts of garbage without being conscious of the time of the day, being awake for almost whole night – this was my life for years! For years! WOW! That’s a big realization for my brain to fully consume and process the issues that I needed to fix! But what about my happiness quotient? I WAS VERY HAPPY!

I was happy because my career was on the right track; I was very happy for being lucky in love and living my life with the perfect partner possible! I was very happy and thankful for having a beautiful home to live in and tasty food to feed myself and my family! I was also happy that my blog, which is my place of passion, was also doing well and garnering appreciations! Then what was my trigger to take charge? Why did I want to fix things which apparently seemed to be alright!

Easy Grilled Chicken Breast |  This easy grilled chicken breast is an ideal healthy take on chicken that is low in calorie but high in protein as well as taste – a perfect no-fuss healthy meal for a hectic weeknight!
Easy Grilled Chicken Breast

That’s where the second question played the major role for me! Gradually and subtly I began to realize that I am not in my perfect spot in terms of my overall health. And as with everyone, I am also not getting any younger! So, I finally realized that all these infrequent tiny illnesses can actually convert to major issues if not treated with appropriate respect and on time. And then came the final blow! In the guise of the pandemic!

We fell ill and did suffer for couple of weeks. It felt terrible to say the least. That entire experience reminded me how horrible and helpless it feels to be sick and not able to do any work whatsoever! It was like a warning bell to wake me up from my deep sleep of denial. Hence I finally dragged myself out from the phase of numbness and initiated my journey towards taking charge of my life and my overall well-being! I hope now you understand why the “second question” was so critical to answer truthfully!

Cauliflower Rice
Best Ever Cauliflower Rice

That’s the entire story behind the scene for my prolonged absence in the blog as I was trying to solve a puzzle called life! No, I don’t have it all figured! But I am on my way to gain as much clarity as I can and have better control over things that my life revolves around so that at the end of the day I can feel accomplished and not feel frustrated for living someone else’s life! I will keep you posted on my journey towards the discovery!

I truly wish that we all take the right step towards our own wellbeing – physical as well as emotional. That’s what is the key to a satisfying and accomplished life in the long run or what you can say a happy life for as long as we are blessed to live! The primary onus of taking care of ourselves is with us and we can’t depend on others for our own happiness – that’s the harsh truth of life! Accept it, memorize it and act on it!

I am sure you have had various styles of chicken stew and definitely have one favorite!  Now try my version of chicken stew which has a secret ingredient that makes it insanely delicious and different from a typical one!
Our Favorite Chicken Stew

My today’s blog is not at all a rant, neither I want to become a life-guru or anything of that sort; I only wanted to put my thoughts in words that has been going on in my mind since past few months. And I am happy I did it, finally! Now let me go right to the point of why I am sharing all of these with you all! Ultimately you visited a food blog most probably looking for a recipe, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart to read through this and lending me an ear! So, instead of sharing a recipe, what’s the deal of a food blogger to talk to about wellbeing and all? How does it tie up then?

We all very well know that food is an integral part for our overall wellbeing. We need to feed our body with food balanced in right macronutrients and not just to curb the hunger. And definitely not to just satisfy our taste buds and brain! That essentially means, no junk food! And if we take a closer look at what we eat in a week, we will shockingly discover that a major chunk is nothing but junk food!

Vegan Cauliflower Hot Wings
Vegan Cauliflower Hot Wings

All those store-bought pizzas, burgers, French fries, fried chicken, doughnuts! They are the real culprit! Now if you want to stop their entry to your diet, you need alternatives, right? Better alternatives that is! You can possibly control some of their unhealthy factors by making pizzas and burgers at home but they will still be high in empty calories and not loaded with much of macro-nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy system.

If you anywhere relate to my story today and is already planning to make positive changes in your life, you have my best wishes from the bottom of my heart! And in your journey if you are struggling to come up with interesting food ideas that is healthy yet tasty so that you don’t surrender to junks, then I am here to help!

tofu tikka masala
Tofu Tikka Masala

I have lined up healthy and balanced food ideas which can be your lunch, dinner or evening snack. Along with the recipes, I will also be sharing different tips, tricks and ideas from my own experience for being as much focused to your goal as possible, be it weight loss, weight management or just healthy eating! So, now you get it how my initial words are tying up with my food blog? I hope and wish to be more regular in posting useful recipes so that I can help you guys as much as I help myself to stick to my journey towards success!

See you soon!

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