Lock Upp: Exclusive – Lock Upp’s Karanvir Bohra: Prince Narula has judged youth shows, seeing him stand by Zeeshan Khan, who got violent with a woman is sad

Karanvir Bohra, who recently got locked out from the reality show Lock Upp, is happy with the love that is coming his way. The actor spoke exclusively to ETimes TV after his eviction and shared that he is happy that he got eliminated at the right time as he cannot stoop too low to be in the show.

Karanvir also spoke about the incident where Munawar mocked his career and called him a loser. He further called Prince Narula a ‘Chachi’ who is busy bitching about people on the show. Karanvir shared that he was shocked to see Prince standing by Zeeshan Khan when he was getting violent with Azma Fallah. The Naagin fame actor also opened up about his move where he asked Anjali Arora to create a fake love angle and called it a stupid decision.

There’s a certain benchmark that I’ve as a human being and if I cross that, I’ll fall in my own eyes

I’ve got love and support from people when I came out of Lock Upp. When I went on social media I could see 99.99 percent were feeling what I was feeling that I played the game with dignity. When things were going against women in the show, I was there to protect them and stand up for them. Even if I had to go out at this point I don’t mind because I could not have stooped to the level where the show is going now. There’s a certain benchmark that I’ve as a human being and if I cross that I feel I will fall in my own eyes. It matters to me a lot. I am a father of three daughters, I love my family, my wife and if I sit there quiet when women are subjected to violence, then it will be a disgrace. I am happy with the support I am getting from the audience. When people tell me that I did good, I feel I was on the right track.

I was playing an individual game

Teejay was very angry with my eviction. She was very pi**ed off, angry just like me. When I was coming out I was also angry and confused about what other people wanted from me. I was playing an individual game and where I need to fight I am fighting where I can safeguard myself. I had given my everything in all the tasks, brain and made friends also. I also was vulnerable and entertaining people at the same time but what more. I realised that it is not about what I want but they want and they want me to be besharam and ruin my reputation.

I am 39 years old and till today I get calls from people ghar Baithe Baithe

I called him out (Munawar) for mocking my career. I don’t care what people think about me because I know where I am in my life today. I know this for a fact that when people say he has done 10 reality shows and this is his 11th, I am challenging them to do these many shows. I am 39 years old and till today I get calls from people ghar Baithe Baithe please do our show. The reason I still get offered shows is because I bring something new to the table. I’ve made myself with all God’s grace, with all humility, I’ve built this brand Karanvir Bohra and that is why they call me. People who win reality shows are winners but the people who don’t win are they losers? No, I don’t believe that. There are many reality show contestants who have not won the show but they have surpassed even the winners. Like Shehnaaz Gill, Hina Khan, Nora Fatehi, Asim Riaz, some of them are in fact doing better than the winners.

Prince is such a good friend in the outside world, but I am sad he behaved like that in Lock Upp

I feel bad and angry when people mock me like this. When Munawar told me all this, I asked him straight away did I mock your career? I told him he has only got fame in the last 2/3 years, and if I make fun of his struggle before that would he like it? He apologised to me. Not just Munawar, even Prince Narula. He is such a good friend in the outside world and I am surprised that he became a part of the group and was mocking my career. He is a typical Chachi who gossips and laughs over people. Even Zeeshan was laughing over it and I asked him that even he has done a reality show and does he only want to keep doing reality shows and not want to be an actor. With God’s grace, I am a successfully established actor and he had no respect for that. I asked him if he wants to grow in life and if he wants to grow in life, he has to have respect for people.

Was shocked to see that Prince was standing by Zeeshan Khan when he was getting violent with a woman

Prince is the kind of person he is and forget about winning reality shows, he’s also a gang leader of a show where a lot of sh** happens, I am talking about Roadies. I was shocked to see that Prince was standing by Zeeshan Khan when he was getting violent with a woman. He’s just sitting out there, not saying anything when he’s hitting a woman, not saying anything when he’s scrubbing a towel on Azma’s face. He was just sitting there and didn’t say anything to Zeeshan. And when I interrupted and yelled at Zeeshan, he tried to stop me saying that but Azma said mean things to Zeeshan. She can say anything to trigger you but you can’t raise your hand on a woman. And how can Prince be fine while Zeeshan was raising his hand.

People look up to Prince Narula, he’s a role model but he’s supporting someone who’s hitting a girl

People look up to Prince Narula, he’s a role model for many young boys and girls and when such a person supports a man who’s getting with women, then it is very surprising. Azma has nothing to lose because she hasn’t made her place yet. She will learn slowly that this is not the content people like to see. But when will Prince learn? Woh literally Chachi banke baith ke gossip kar raha hai, bitc**. That surprises me that why would you stoop to that level.

The made a stupid move of asking Anjali Arora to create the fake love angle with me

It was a stupid move no doubt. But I thought there are many angles in reality shows. There are times when things are scripted, and angles are created and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes relationships are real and they organically happen. I felt this is a new and different show, so let me try here. I thought this would be a safe angle and I discussed with Anjali that it should come from your side and I can’t do it because I am a married man. I purposely did it under the camera, I knew I was getting watched. To keep her and myself safe that it shouldn’t look cheap, I had clearly told her it would be one sided. I told her also that it will disappear after a few days, how Shivam had a crush on Sara and it died because she didn’t give any importance. This was the exact proposal and I had no interest in her. I didn’t know at that time that she had a boyfriend outside. She should have refused me at that moment but she gave me a thumbs up. Log alag alag tarike se game khelte hain and she didn’t tell anyone about it for two weeks and was waiting for another proposal. When she got pally with Munawar then she discussed it with him as she got a better deal with him.


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