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Lunch Box Recipes ideal for moms to prepare for school and work is featured in this post. It is uitable for school kids and office goers too. Lunch Box Recipes presented here are a combo of main course & side dish ideas that are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick and easy to cook for moms.


I have categorized the extensive range of Lunch Box Recipes menu into Bread, Tiffin, Rice recipes which can offer a good menu variation from Monday to Friday and are completely vegetarian for a reason. Though pictures represent kids lunchbox you can very well make use of the same for elders and office goers too. I still have readers who mail me saying this menu is what I pack for my husband, uncle, mother, kids etc.

About Lunch Box Recipes

Lunch Box Menu decision is a challenging task than cooking the menu itself. We have thousands of options to choose from but what we can cook for the lunch box for that day is a thousand dollar question each day moms come across – that’s how I landed up writing this post.

The next puzzling factor is the likes & dislikes of each of the members in the family. Mittu and Gugu are different extremes in their choice of food – Mittu loves more of North Indian & Global cuisine while Gugu loves more of South Indian cuisine. School / Office timing, recipe cooking time & easiness, our kitchen inventory / stock, occasions, healthy options, etc are other deciding factors for Lunch Box Menu for a day.

I have made an attempt here accommodating all the above factors to organise the lunch box menu ideas and presented Lunch Box Recipe Combos which are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick & easy to cook for moms.

Lunchbox Monday to Friday

I organized & plan for the week with Lunchbox ideas in the following way like how they categorize Movies in Sun TV. I keep this as a general outline and may not be strict to books (as here we need not be!)

  • Tiffin & Leftover Monday – Morning Tiffin menu or Biryani, Gravy, other grand weekend menu leftovers – I try to make a small variation or add an side dish and pack it for lunch for Monday as I wish to come out of the Monday blues. Idli Podi Toast, Kathi rolls with Sunday side dish, Vegetable Podi Idli, Mini Idli / Dosa / Oothappam and Tiffin Sambar/ Tomato Chutney are some of the options.
  • Rice Tuesday – Ideal rice meal with white rice, sambar / gravy and curry I plan on Tuesdays. Menu like Rasam Rice, Curd Rice and Potato Fry Combo, Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer Combo, Rice, Carrot Sambar, Beans Poriyal Combo, Rice and Vegetable Gravy Combo, Rajma Chawal and Rice Combo.
  • Bread Wednesday Roti, Phulka, Flat Bread, Bread are my choice on Wednesdays. Options are Aloo Paratha, Capsicum Raita & Sprouts Stir Fry Combo, Triangle Roti, Dum Aloo & Chana Sundal, Veg Bread Sandwich, Fruits and Nuts Combo, Chapathi & Chana Masala combo, Gobi / Rajma Paratha & Peas Masala Combo, Methi Thepla, Sauce & fresh veggies Combo, Chapathi & Paneer Butter MasalaCombo, Carrot Cheese Paratha, Phulka & Matar Mushroom / Capsicum Gravy Combo, Phulka with Aloo Matar Subji / Aloo Bhindi Combo, Lachha Paratha with Green Gram Dal.
  • Variety Thursday – Variety rice which can be extended for lunch at home I plan for Thursdays! Options include Peas / Beetroot Pulao and Baby Corn Toast Combo, Lemon Rice and Raw Banana Curry Combo, Peanut Rice, Carrot Stir Fry and Vadam Combo, Coconut rice, Potato fry and Papad Combo, Carrot Rice and Peanut Sundal Combo, Jeera rice and Mushroom Do Pyaza Combo, Capsicum / Curry Leaves / Ghee / Tamarind Rice with Carrot Kootu.
  • Kids Favorite Friday – Kids choice predominantly on Fridays. Chapati Noodles, Vegetable Fried Rice, Sauce and Papaya Combo, Vegetable Bread Upma with Cucumber Salad, Sweet Corn Pulao with Aloo Gobi Masala, Chana / Veg Pulao with Veg Kuruma, Pasta meal, Baby Corn Rice, Veg Biryani, Onion Raita.
  • Festive / Occasions Menu – On Birthdays, Anniversaries and during festivals I choose one among the kids favorite menu or festive menu like Sweet Corn / Paneer Fried Rice, Mini Poori and Potato Masala, Pasta meal, Veg Biryani & Raita.

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Lunch box recipes | 50 Lunchbox recipes | Kids lunchbox menu

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I have a good collection of lunch boxes – Round, Square, with & without inside partition / boxes.

I use only steel containers for packing mittus lunch box.I use them based on the menu – Like I pack rice and gravy in different compartments of the layered carriers, use partition steel containers for roti & sabzi. I accompany the lunch box always with spoon & a towel, so that it comes handy for a clean dining. I use to send small chits / post-it when I wish to remember them for paying fees, meet teacher, special wishes or sometimes puzzles too which they are excited about.

Lunch Box Recipes

  • Kids Lunchbox Idea 50 – Veg Biryani Onion Raita

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 49 – Rajma Chawal

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 48 – Lachha Paratha, Green Gram Dal

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 47 – Gobi Paratha, Boondi Raita

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 46 – Beetroot Peas Pulao,Onion Raita

  • Kids Lunchbox Menu 45 – Puliyodharai, Carrot Kootu

  • Kids Lunchbox Menu 44 – Phulka, Capsicum Gravy

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 43 – Rice Mochai Kuzhambu Chow Chow Kootu

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 42 – Aloo Bhindi, Phulka, Jeera Rice

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 41 – Phulka Aloo Matar Sabji

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 40 – Jalfrezi Kathi Rolls

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 39 – Mini Rava Idli Sambar

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 38 – Rice Carrot Sambar and Beans Poriyal

  • Kids Lunchbox Menu 37 – Ghee Rice, Phulka, Matar Mushroom

  • Kids Lunchbox Idea 36 – Rice Kadai Vegetable Gravy

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 35 – Baby Corn Rice

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 34 – Pasta with Homemade Pasta Sauce

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 33 – Podi Idli Toast

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 32 – Curry Leaves Rice,Chow Chow Kootu

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 31 – Mini Poori and Potato Masala

  • Kids Lunchbox Menu 30 – Capsicum Rice, Curd

  • Kids Lunch box Menu 29 – Jeera Rice, Mushroom Curry

  • Kids Lunch box menu 28 – Paneer fried rice, sauce

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 27 – Sweet Corn Fried Rice

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 26 – Cheese Carrot Paratha

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 25 – Vegetable Pulao / Veg Pulao

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 24 – Chapathi Paneer Butter Masala

  • Kids Lunchbox Menu 23 – Methi Thepla / Methi Chapathi

  • Kids Lunch Box Idea 22 – Chana Pulao, Veg Kurma

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 21 – Vegetable Podi Idli

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 20 – Carrot Rice, Peanut Sundal

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 19 – Mini Idli Tomato Chutney

  • Kids Lunch Box Idea 18 – Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 17 – Chapathi Channa Masala

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 16 – Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 15 – Coconut Rice and Potato Curry

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 14 – Veg Bread Sandwich,Fruits & Nuts

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 13 – Sweet Corn Pulao & Aloo Gobi Masala

  • Kids lunch box menu 12 – Vegetable Bread Upma

  • Kids lunchbox menu 11 – Mini Idli and Sambar

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 10 – Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 9 – Triangle Roti, Dum Aloo & Chana Sundal

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 8 – Peanut Rice, Carrot Stir Fry and Vadam

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 7 – Aloo Paratha, Capsicum Raita & Sprouts Stir Fry

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 6 – Chana Biryani & Carrot Raita

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 5 – Chapati Noodles

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 4 – Lemon Rice & Vazhakkai Curry

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu3 – Phulka, Dal Tadka, Gobi Sabzi and Plain Rice

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 2 – Rasam Rice, Curd Rice, Potato Fry and Coriander Thogayal

  • Kids Lunch Box Menu 1 – Peas Pulao & Baby Corn Toast

Mittu and Gugu are the architects of this lunch box series as their preferences, leftovers, craving, asking for repeat has shaped up the content of this post. That’s why you will see kids friendly touch in pictures, shapes and choice of menu in this lunch box series.

Our mood during cooking is also reflected in the lunch box – a huge & 3 dish lunch box echoes happy me and a single dish dry item or lesser/over saltiness, spiciness echoes busy or tired me.

Memories of my Lunch Box

My Lunchbox memories reminds me of school days when friendship grew with the sharing of food & dining together. And there are days when my lunch box gets over in the breaks because of the hostel friends and I go to canteens for lunch. My mom used to send separate lunchbox during occasions and special menu days. She tried different menus as I was a very fussy eater. I still remember my friends were so excited to see my lunchbox and they loved each most of my menus, all credits to amma who was so keen in packing delicious and healthy food at the same time. As a kid I never understood the pain but now I realise it when I pack it for my kids.

Vegetarian Menu for a reason: There are some foods that bacteria can grow and multiply on more easily than others which may lead to food poisoning within 3-4 hours of cooking under normal packaged conditions. These include meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, seafood and prepared fruit salads.


1.What is Lunch Box Recipes?

Lunch Box Recipes is a collection of main course & side dish ideas that are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick and easy to cook for moms for school and work.

2.Name 3 easy and tasty recipes for kids lunch box?

Roti & Dal, Idli Toast and Fried rice are my 3 easy and tasty options. I prefer Carrot rice, Veg/Paneer Pulao and Phulka with Gobi Sabzi are my tasty and healthy options.

3.Can I extend the Lunch Box menu for lunch at home?

Yes very much – We can make in sufficient quantities so that lunch box menu can be the same for lunch at home as well. Quick heat / steam it in stovetop or microwave before serving for lunch.

4.What are the tips to make the lunchbox fresh at school and work?

• When packing tiffin items for lunch box, it becomes dry – So make variations such that it could consumed without getting a dry feeling. For example, instead of plain idlies make it as Sambar Idli, instead of dosa make it as podi & onion othappam, instead of roti make it as ghee / butter roti or cook it ¾ of the usual time so that roti remains soft.
• When packing rice meal, pack rice and gravy separately so that when rice & gravy is mixed, it gives a fresh feeling. If you have no option but to pack it together use excess of gravy so that rice does not become rice cakes for lunch.
• Overcooked rice or if you add water more than the prescribed amounts it tends to get gluey at the time of cooking and becomes rice cakes for lunch. So cook it right and fluff the rice with 1 tsp of oil before packing.
• When packing curd or raita, it becomes extra sour so add a portion of fresh milk while packing
• Wrap roti / rolls / paratha / phulka in aluminum foil so that freshness is retained to an extent.

5.Can I send egg recipes as sides for lunchbox?

Eggs, meat, sea food all tend to develop bacteria under normal packaged conditions resulting in food poisoning. Hence better to avoid them.

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