On Arjun Kapoor’s birthday, his 5 honest statements on Malaika Arora, Boney Kapoor and body positivity: ‘Hate creating fake perception we’re one happy family’

It can be argued that actor Arjun Kapoor makes as much of an impact with his interviews as he does in a good meaty role. On screen, he might take up any avatar depending upon the script, but off screen, Arjun Kapoor comes across as a sincere man who knows right from wrong, is family-centric and protective of loved ones. The actor sounds level-headed and it’s easy to identify him as a man who knows his mind.

On his birthday, we revisit some of his most impactful statements that he made in interviews over the years.

On body positivity

Arjun Kapoor has had a complicated relationship with his body, not unlike many of us. However, he has time and again chosen to address it and has tried to follow a healthier path. Lately, he’s been praised for going back on the treadmill and doing what’s right for his body. However, a troll tried taking his morale down by stating how Arjun can never get in shape, try as he may.

Arjun, not one to hold back, made his take known on the subject and wrote back, “So, according to people like you, being in shape is just having cuts on your body. The shift in mentality, the ability to show up and push hard, to smile through a session, to eat clean, to be disciplined in adversity, to make each session count and improve your actual health, strength and posture, and the ability to push isn’t ‘t the point of working out, right? We should all just look like your display picture. That’s a sad way of looking at fitness. And where this mentality is concerned, I can stand up to criticism and reply face to face. I don’t need to hide behind a pic of a torso.”

“I encourage anyone who’s ever had a bad day, week or even a month with their diet or lifestyle. You are truly powerful and courageous if you have the ability to get up and try again. Fitness isn’t about a six-pack, fitness is about mental, emotional and physical well-being. Damn those who sit and judge and comment; they don’t know you, they don’t know your journey to be happier about your own body,” Arjun concluded.

On his relationship with Malaika Arora

Another thing that people usually troll Arjun for is his relationship with Malaika Arora, as the age difference between the two often becomes a target for mindless online cruelty. However, Arjun being Arjun, has a mature stance on his bond with Malaika. He once told Film Companion that his relationship with the celebrity is personal and he has tried to give it the dignity it deserves.

“I don’t try and be overtly talkative about my personal life because I feel you should respect your partner and there is a past there. I’ve been in that situation where I’ve seen things pan out publicly, and it’s not always very, very nice, because there are kids affected. So I try and keep a respectful boundary. I do what she’s comfortable with, and I think my career should not get hinged upon the fact that my relationship is this. That’s my personal life. You have to create boundaries. I talk about it today because there is a certain respect and regard given to the relationship, because we have given it time. I’ve tried to give it a certain amount of dignity by giving it space and not letting it be in your face, and make it as authentic and real as possible, because it is that,” said Arjun.

Arjun Kapoor’s bond with sisters Anshula, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor’s bond with his sisters is well-known, especially with sister Anshula, with whom he grew up. He is fiercely protective about his siblings. However, his bond with Janhvi and Khushi was not always like this and has evolved over a period of time. Things changed when he stood by his father, Janhvi and Khushi after their mother, actor Sridevi passed away suddenly.

Speaking about it, Arjun had told Bazaar in an earlier interview, “There were silences. We would meet, but there was no communication worth quantifying.” In another interview, Arjun had been open about his newfound equation with Janhvi and Khushi, and said that everything might not be ‘perfect’ as they are all still trying to figure each other out.

“I hate creating this fake perception that we have one happy family living under the roof and discussing everything. We have discussed many things, and we continue to do that. But it’s still a very intimate space for us to come out so openly and speak about. I am somebody who believes in letting people do what they choose to do. I don’t interfere. But yes, if one of them comes to me to talk about something, I’m always there to give my two cents on my experience,” Arjun had told Masala.com.

Arjun Kapoor on father Boney Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor and Boney Kapoor have nurtured their relationship over the years, through many ups and downs. In the interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Arjun said that he would have resented Boney Kapoor and their relationship would not have been the way it is now, had it not been for Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.

“I’ve not lived with my father as much as I would have liked to. I keep getting told that I am like him, but I don’t see it. Through meeting Janhvi and Khushi, and breaking that barrier, I have now been able to build a more authentic relationship with him. We have all confronted many of our demons. It has to do with letting go, which is very cathartic…it is strangely therapeutic to just sit around and talk rubbish, and realise that you were holding onto things, unknowingly or knowingly, because you were supposed to. But I love my father more because of both of them. It is complex. I have been able to see my father in a different light. If I didn’t share this equation with Janhvi and Khushi, I would have resented many things and never felt the need to reconnect with him at this level,” he said in the interview.

Arjun Kapoor on transforming himself for cinema

Arjun Kapoor has struggled with the way he is seen by a certain section of the audience. He said that over the years, he’s tried his best to adapt himself for a given script or movie. And now he is aiming to get back in shape as he doesn’t want to ‘shortchange’ his audience.

“I’ve had to be worthy of being on the big screen again. I want the respect of the audience in that point of view also. In the last two years, I decided to work on myself again. I don’t want to shortchange anybody who is paying money to come and watch my film. They might not be my fans, but I would like to convert them into my fans. And that starts from being worthy of being there on the screen. That’s the biggest change that has happened,” Arjun told PTI upon the 10 years in Bollywood.

Here’s wishing Arjun Kapoor a very happy birthday!


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