Exclusive – Sangram Singh on GF Payal Rohatgi: I am proud she is standing up against the bullies, but why is Prince Narula acting like Munawar-Anjali’s babysitter

Renowned wrestler and reality star, Sangram Singh is extremely proud of his fiance, Payal Rohatgi, who is currently locked inside the Lock Upp jail. Sangram feels that Payal has all the qualities of a winner and he is loving how she is fighting against all the bullies. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Sangram … Read more

Can we fall out of love?

In May 2020, Omar Ruiz found himself with a broken heart. “My wife told me she was no longer in love with me,” and shortly thereafter, the couple, who had been married 11 years, separated. Not only was he crushed, he said, but as a marriage and family therapist, “this entire process challenged my professional … Read more

Russia hits Ukrainian cities, pours more troops into war

Russia was continuing to mount offensives at various locations in the east as its forces probe for weak points in the Ukrainian lines KYIV: Russia hurled its military might against Ukrainian cities and towns and poured more troops into the war, seeking to slice the country in two in a potentially pivotal battle for control … Read more

Grilled Fish Tikka | Easy Fish Recipe for Your Omega-3 Shots

If you think healthy food only means salads & soups, then this grilled fish tikka will completely change your perspective! This smoky & spicy fish tikka will leave a sensational flavor on your taste buds while giving you a healthy boost of protein and omega 3 fatty acids! If you are planning to entertain your … Read more

Indian Columbus: Varaha Mandapam – Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram is filled with experimental monuments of Pallava-era sculptors. Varaha Mandapa is the most complete and ornamental shrine among various cave temples. Four majestic relief panels adorning its walls are the highlights. People named it after the Varaha panel, one of those four relief panels seen here. Layout The west-facing cave temple has a simple … Read more

He was a penniless donor to the far right. He was also a Russian spy

He lived with his sick mother and never had a regular job. He had no obvious source of income and, according to his uncle, even signed up for welfare benefits as a caregiver deserving of state support. But Bohus Garbar, down on his luck and in his early 50s, still managed to donate thousands of … Read more

Some civilians leave as Russians tighten noose on Mariupol

In Kyiv, Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Denmark’s Mette Frederiksen became the latest European leaders to show support with a visit KYIV: Only four buses with civilians managed to escape from Mariupol after several unsuccessful attempts, Ukrainian officials said Thursday, as thousands more remained trapped under relentless Russian against the last pockets of Ukrainian … Read more