Another firing among Google’s AI Brain trust, and more discord

Less than two years after Google dismissed two researchers who criticized the biases built into artificial intelligence systems, the company has fired a researcher who questioned a paper it published on the abilities of a specialized type of artificial intelligence used in making computer chips. The researcher, Satrajit Chatterjee, led a team of scientists in … Read more

Why caste among Muslims must be studied

For the last two decades, the Indian public sphere has seen a slow but steady rise in discussions on caste among Muslims. A series of events has contributed to this: The influence of Mandal politics on Muslim organizations and the coming together of lower caste Muslim groups in Maharashtra, as well as in Bihar and … Read more

Are the next global tennis stars among these twins?

Behold Dominik Defoe. Ten years old and barely taller than the net. Golden-brown, shoulder-length curls bouncing in the air as he chases and crushes tennis balls, which he does better than just about any kid his age. Defoe loves to fiddle with the GPS in his mother’s car, so in the morning when they head … Read more