Moosewala’s new song SYL touches raw nerve, registers 10 lakh views in one hour

Like most of his songs, this one too is going to strike a controversial note. Punjabi singer Shubdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala’s latest track SYL — the first to be released after his death — is sure to touch a raw nerve with its talk of the water dispute, undivided Punjab, 1984 Sikh riots, Sikh militants, … Read more

Amritsar Calling: What’s in a name

The election season is always great fun. Everyone who is contesting the polls, their friends & family, the hangers on and the wannabes put up posters across the city just to have their mug shots and names next to the leaders that they are projecting. Defacement of public property for sure, but there is a … Read more

Curfew in Patiala, violence breaks out over ‘anti-Khalistan’ march

An 11-HOUR curfew was imposed in Punjab’s Patiala from 7 pm on Friday after the police fired several rounds in the air to avert a clash between members of Shiv Sena (Bal Thackeray), who had called for an “anti-Khalistan” march, and Sikh and Nihangs brandishing swords outside the Kali Mata temple, officials said. The incident … Read more