Chip off an ancient block: How a Bagru artisan family stamped out Covid blues

In a small town in Rajasthan, the afternoon sun is beating down on the yard of a house. Water gurgles in several cement tanks. In a corner, three women bend over a sloshing pot, chattering. Over all of this is a rhythmic thump-thump-thump, sharp, evenly spaced. This thump-thump is the reason why the name of … Read more

India’s dharmic democracy has ancient roots

The Ukrainian crisis has fractured the world into separate blocs. On one side, we have autocrats ruling their countries with complete control of the state, economy, and media. On the other side, we have democratic nations that guarantee freedom and liberty to their people. During the Ukrainian conflict, India has struck a balance across these … Read more

Ukraine says Russia looted ancient gold artifacts from museum

The heist started when a mysterious man in a white lab coat showed up at the museum. A squad of Russian soldiers stood behind him, with guns, watching eagerly. Using long tweezers and special gloves, the man in the white coat carefully extracted scores of special gold artifacts more than 2,300 years old from cardboard … Read more