India vs the world: The biggest power hitters in T20I cricket currently | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: One of the most important parameters to measure the impact a batsman has in the shortest format of the game – Twenty20 cricket – is batting strike rate. It shows how many runs a batsman scores per 100 balls faced. The batters with high strike rates are the ones who give their teams … Read more

Explained: What the US Fed’s biggest rate hike in 28 years means for India and the global economy

The US Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by three quarters of a percentage point on Wednesday (June 15), its most aggressive move since 1994, in a bid to tame runaway inflation. The hike in rates by the Fed, the third since March, comes after inflation in the US surged unexpectedly last month. More importantly, the … Read more

Thefts, fraud and lawsuits at the world’s biggest NFT marketplace

Chris Chapman used to own one of the most valuable commodities in the crypto world: a unique digital image of a spikey-haired ape dressed in a spacesuit. Chapman bought the non-fungible token last year, as a widely hyped series of digital collectibles called the Bored Ape Yacht Club became a phenomenon. In December, he listed … Read more

putin: Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks his biggest ally in Ukraine war is time

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine settles into a grinding war of attrition, one question more than any other will likely decide the outcome: On whose side is time? Much of what unfolds will be determined by unpredictable battlefield dynamics, especially as Russian forces attempt a dash for territory in eastern Ukraine before heavy gunfire from … Read more

Let’s bust 5 biggest myths about cryptocurrency

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. The crypto market is believed to be profitable but is no less than a roller-coaster ride. Indeed, many cryptocurrencies have already evaporated with the recent crash in prices. But the ingenious technology underpinning cryptos will transform the nature of money and finance. With so much … Read more

‘Biggest issues parents find in kids are screen addiction, lack of physical socialising’: Author RamG Vallath

In his book ‘Active Parenting: How to Raise Children with Boundless Potential‘, author RamG Vallath writes that with parenting, there is “no standard ingredient”, and that “each child is unique and can vary from one extreme to the other on so many different levels”. He mentions in the book, for which he interviewed several parents … Read more

The 12 Biggest Games in May 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Sniper Elite 5, Dolmen, and Evil Dead: The Game are set to arrive in May, among several other titles across different genres arriving in time for the summer holidays. Tactical RPG fans can gear up for Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, a reboot of the original 1998 title. Co-op … Read more

Russian Gas Crisis: Germany biggest buyer of Russian energy in first 2 months of Ukraine war | India Business News

NEW DELHI: Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, India has been under pressure from western nations to curtail its trading relations with Russia. One of the key issues in focus has been India’s energy purchases from Russia. Recently, when asked at a press conference in the US about India’s oil purchase from Russia, external … Read more