25 years of Border: How JP Dutta gave a war drama that kicked off a new wave of patriotic films

Suniel Shetty believes Border is probably the only film he’s done where every actor can claim to be “the lead of the film.” He isn’t wrong. He was part of a remarkable ensemble cast including Sunny Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Jackie Shroff, and others, in the war drama. They all had their moments, their heart-pumping dialogues … Read more

QAnon Joins Vigilantes at the Southern Border

The 15 migrant children, weary and hungry, stumbled toward a gap in the rust-colored border wall that soars between Mexico and Arizona, nearing the end of their two-week trek north. Unexpectedly, a man in a cap emblazoned with a blackened American flag — traditionally, a message that “no quarter” will be given to the enemy … Read more

Umran Malik & Zaman Khan: Two pacers defining the speed rush on either side of India – Pakistan border

One of which goes like this. Far away from the country’s cricketing hub, a young boy develops a junoon for fast bowling. His family, uninitiated to the world of cricketing riches, discourages him. The love is obsessive, he doesn’t drop the ball. Spotted by a local coach, the young tearaway is fast-tracked from his club … Read more