‘Usually, caste discourse is not tolerated in queer spaces’

Queer narratives have found a robust form of expression in short films. This explains why writer-director Nishant Roy Bombarde, 39, chose this medium for Daaravtha (2016) Gair (2022). Layered and delicate, Daaravtha is about a young boy making his choice even as he discovers his sexuality. In Gaircaste and queer narratives intersect as two youngsters … Read more

Kabir Jayanti 2022: The poet who practised ‘bhakti’ by denouncing caste system

Poetry can be considered one of the most complex forms of art. Putting human emotions on paper in a way that it touches the reader’s heart and conveys the most profound feelings. As Robert Frost once said, “poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”. A practice that … Read more

Need to warn nation against bids to spark new rows over language, caste: PM to BJP brass

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that there is a need to warn the nation against an attempt to create “new controversies” over languages ​​and that the BJP “reveres” every Indian language. Addressing virtually the inaugural session of the BJP’s national officer-bearers meeting being held in Jaipur, Modi said, “It is the BJP which … Read more

Why caste among Muslims must be studied

For the last two decades, the Indian public sphere has seen a slow but steady rise in discussions on caste among Muslims. A series of events has contributed to this: The influence of Mandal politics on Muslim organizations and the coming together of lower caste Muslim groups in Maharashtra, as well as in Bihar and … Read more

The Reading Room: 7 Dalit voices on the books they wish people read more to understand India’s caste history and politics

Recommendation: The Politics of Untouchability: Social Mobility and Social Change in a City of India by Owen Lynch (Columbia University Press, 1969) The Politics of Untouchability: Social Mobility and Social Change in a City of India by Owen Lynch (Source: Amazon.in) Why? This is a well-researched book and has evolved through in-depth fieldwork in the … Read more