The Ukraine conflict has raked up old dilemmas

Energy is at the nub of every politician’s deepest dilemmas. For it requires them to tread a careful path between the immediate demands of their constituents for affordable, secure, and accessible energy and the longer-term imperatives of economic growth and sustainable development. The Ukrainian conflict has deepened this dilemma. The conflict has triggered a radical … Read more

Hotter Kalahari desert may stop hornbills breeding by 2027

Written by Nicholas B. Pattinson Rapid climate change has the potential to strongly influence the physiology, behavior and breeding success of animals. Research is showing that increasing temperatures, for instance, are having negative effects on animals. These range from mass die-off events during heat waves to less obvious problems like difficulty finding food. For birds … Read more

World Environment Day 2022: Why sustainable travel has become more urgent in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic has been a lesson in slow living. In the last two years, people have begun to notice many previously-ignored aspects of their life, including health and environment. They have come to realise one cannot thrive in the absence of another, and that to take care of surroundings and to keep them clean and … Read more

Urban agriculture can help make cities sustainable and liveable

A premature and punishing summer makes life miserable for many across India, especially in the cities. The soaring temperatures adversely affect health, cause a dip in agricultural production, and also dry up rivers. Indeed, the repercussions of climate change are being felt more strongly than ever, especially in climate-vulnerable zones. Cities in India are also … Read more

Sleepless in summer? Blame climate change

As extreme temperature events increase in frequency, duration and magnitude, the human body, which is fairly adaptive when it comes to thermoregulation, may finally be experiencing the impact of climate change. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned that exposure to excessive heat has “wide-ranging physiological impacts for all humans, often amplifying existing conditions … Read more

Like Nero, we fiddle as the world burns

The blazing red heat maps of South Asia show record temperature levels not seen in more than a century. With the heat wave stronger and more widespread than ever, four to eight degrees above normal, 200-odd forest fires blazing, power cuts, it seems like the apocalyptic future that novelists like Kim Stanley Robinson had described … Read more

Explained: Can climate change be solved by pricing carbon?

As climate change bakes the planet, dozens of nations and many local governments are putting a price tag on greenhouse gas emissions that are increasing flooding, droughts and other costly catastrophes. Pennsylvania on Saturday becomes the first major fossil fuel-producing state in the US to adopt a carbon pricing policy to address climate change. It … Read more