Over 42 Lakh Deaths Prevented In India By Covid Vaccines In 2021: Lancet Report

The Lancet study estimates that 42,10,000 deaths were prevented by vaccination in India in 2021. London: COVID-19 vaccines prevented over 42 lakh potential deaths in India in 2021, said a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, which based its findings on estimates of “excess” mortalities in the country during the pandemic. Globally, the … Read more

Long Covid symptoms in kids can last at least 2 months: Study

The largest study to date of long Covid symptoms in children aged 0-14 years confirms that children who have received a Covid-19 diagnosis can experience symptoms of long Covid lasting at least two months. The study, published in ‘The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health’ journal, used national level sampling of children in Denmark and matched … Read more

‘It always wins’: North Korea may declare Covid-19 victory

According to state media, North Korea has avoided the mass deaths expected in a nation With one of the world’s worst health care systems, little or no access to vaccines, and what outsiders see as a long record of ignoring the suffering of its people. Daily updates from official media make it appear inevitable that … Read more

COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections: Why we shouldn’t bother

There is a renewed discussion on COVID-19 breakthrough infections (people who are fully vaccinated, yet testing SARs CoV2-positive). This is understandable as with a fresh spike in COVID-19 cases in Indian states, a majority of patients are those who have received the mandatory two shots. Is this a reason for worry? The short answer is … Read more

‘Immunity conferred by Omicron is lower than Delta’

Once again, Covid-19 has spiralled in Maharashtra with the positivity rate hovering around 10 per cent. As of June 16, active cases stood at 20,634, a 13-fold spike from May 16, when the total number was just 1,526. Not only that, cases are jumping with alarming speed in most metros. Q) A lot of previously … Read more

Listening to young people could help reduce pandemic-related harms to children

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends In a third year, experts have gained a much better understanding of its consequences for the health and development of children and adolescents. They range from learning loss to mental health issues to housing and food insecurity to contracting the virus itself. Buy Now | Our best subscription plan now … Read more

In ‘miracle’ city Shenzhen, fears for China’s economic future

David Fong made his way from a poor village in central China to the southern boomtown of Shenzhen as a young man in 1997. Over the next 25 years he worked for a succession of overseas manufacturers before building his own multi-million dollar business making everything from schoolbags to toothbrushes. Now 47, he has plans … Read more

Social media spreads rumours about Covid vaccine harms … but it doesn’t always start them

For decades, anti-vaccine movements have generated and spread rumors that vaccines cause serious health problems. The rollout of COVID vaccines has provided new opportunities to spread misinformation. At the start of the pandemic, people were already worried about the virus and the impact of other public health measures, such as lockdowns, on their physical and … Read more

At biotech startup event, typhoid RT-PCR, cataract detection via WhatsApp

EXPANDING RT-PCR based testing to diseases other than Covid-19, vaccine formats that obviate the need for cold chains, portable and cutting-edge wearables, and AI-based diagnostic solutions that can be activated on a cellphone. Rewiring and tweaking existing medical technologies and diagnostic methods — primarily in the pandemic in the wake of the Covid-19 — was … Read more

He helped cure the ‘London patient’ of HIV. Then he turned to Covid.

(Visionaries | Science) Ravindra Gupta had studied drug-resistant HIV for more than a decade when he first encountered Adam Castillejo, who would become known as the “London patient,” the second person in the world to be cured of HIV. Gupta, who goes by Ravi, was a professor at University College London straddling the clinical and … Read more