Said-ul-Ajaib: Home to a 14th century Tughlaq chamberlain is now a cafe and boutique hub

One of the Delhi’s greatest poets, “Khuda-e-Sukhan” Mir Taqi Mir, wrote: “Dilli ke na the kuuche auraaq-e-musavvar the jo shakl nazar aayi tasveer nazar aayi (These are not Delhi by-lanes, these are an artist’s canvas. Every sight I see looks like a painting.)” Just like art is free of forms and formats and appeals to … Read more

Chirag Dilli and its bygone days of colorful weddings

In our third story of the five-part series on the history and culture of Delhi’s urban villages, we take you through the lanes of Chirag Dilli. Today, Chirag Dilli is a densely-populated, vibrant urban village in South Delhi, with a sizable population of Brahmins, Jats, Jatavs, Valmikis, Muslims (Querishis and Nais), Punjabis, and Jains. But … Read more