Biden pushes economic, security aims as he ends South Korea visit

US President Joe Biden tended to both business and security interests Sunday as he wrapped up a three-day trip to South Korea, first showcasing Hyundai’s pledge to invest at least $10 billion in the United States and later mingling with troops at a nearby military base. Biden’s visit to Osan Air Base, where thousands of … Read more

In South Korea, Biden seeks to rebuild economic ties across Asia

When President Joe Biden arrived on his inaugural mission to Asia on Friday, the first place he headed from the airplane was not a government hall or embassy or even a military base, but a sprawling superconductor factory that represented the real battleground of a 21st-century struggle for influence in the region. The choice of … Read more

Explained: For 5th-time Lanka PM, political and economic challenge like no other

A month ago, in an interview to The Indian Express, Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would “stay out” if asked to become Prime Minister of Sri Lanka again, as he did not have the numbers to form a government. Wickremesinghe is the sole member of his United National Party (UNP) in parliament. “I have not been … Read more

Ukraine war’s economic toll is testing the west’s unity against Russia

The West united against Russia’s war on Ukraine more swiftly and solidly than almost anyone had expected. But as the war settles into a prolonged conflict, one that could rumble on for months or even years, it is testing the resolve of Western countries, with European and US officials questioning the rising economic toll will … Read more

Explained: How Sri Lanka fell into its worst economic crisis & what’s next

NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has only deepened further in the past few months, stemming from mismanaged government finances and ill-timed tax cuts in addition to the impact of Covid. Diminishing forex reserves, huge piles of debt, devaluation of currency, rising inflation and a falling economy has compelled the people to struggle for items … Read more

A street-fighter politician who maintained an image of security, stability but failed on economic front

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the wily 76-year-old patriarch of the powerful Rajapaksa clan, was once known as Sri Lanka’s man for all seasons, but the first anti-government protests triggered by the island nation’s first economic turmoil turned out to be a tsunami that forced him to resign as the prime minister. The island nation’s worst economic crisis … Read more

ExplainSpeaking: 11 charts from RBI that explain Indian economic past, present and future

ExplainSpeaking-Economy is a weekly newsletter by Udit Misra, delivered in your inbox every Monday morning. Click here to subscribe Dear Readers, Last week, the RBI released this year’s “Report on Currency and Finance. It immediately caught everyone’s attention for stating that as an economy “India is expected to overcome Covid-19 losses in 2034-35”. This statement … Read more