‘Create memories, not trash’: Why green weddings are the need of the hour

A wedding is considered to be one of the most auspicious and special days in one’s life. Months ahead of the actual wedding, people meticulously plan each and every detail to ensure the event goes smoothly. However, despite being a joyous occasion, weddings are also somewhat synonymous with waste — leftover food, floral décor, loud … Read more

India at bottom in EPI 2022 but environment survey confuses and stifles honest discussion on climate change

Blurb: We would argue that ranking countries are best done on some specific indicators such as urban air quality or domestic water pollution, for which metrics are relatively well-accepted and universal, and so comparisons are defensible. At best, aggregate indices give a coarse picture: Top 20, middle of pack, or bottom 20, nothing more. Unfortunately, … Read more

Explained: Environment index and India

The newly released Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022, measured by Yale and Columbia universities, ranks India at the bottom position among 180 countries. The Environment Ministry has issued a rebuttal saying the indicators used in the assessment are based on “unfounded assumptions”. So, what is this index? The EPI is an international ranking system of … Read more

World Environment Day 2022: Why sustainable travel has become more urgent in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic has been a lesson in slow living. In the last two years, people have begun to notice many previously-ignored aspects of their life, including health and environment. They have come to realise one cannot thrive in the absence of another, and that to take care of surroundings and to keep them clean and … Read more