Explained: The G7’s infrastructure investment plan to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The G7 countries, who are meeting during the ongoing Leaders’ Summit in Germany, have officially launched the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), a joint initiative to fund infrastructure projects in developing countries. The project, launched on June 27, is being seen as the bloc’s counter to China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative. US President … Read more

Explained: Speaker’s powers in a rebellion

While granting interim relief to rebel MLAs of the Shiv Sena on Monday, the Supreme Court made a crucial but unusual judicial intervention that raises questions on the powers of the Speaker under the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution. The Speaker’s powers under the Tenth Schedule have been previously upheld by the Supreme Court itself; … Read more

Explained: How IISC researchers are using GPUs to discover human brain activity

India oi-Vicky Nanjappa | Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 9:10 [IST] New Delhi, Jun 28: A new Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-based machine learning algorithm developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) can help scientists better understand and predict connectivity between different regions of the brain, a PTI report said. The algorithm, called … Read more

Explained: Why is Turkey opposing the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO?

Weeks after Turkish president Racep Erdogan announced his opposition to fast-track NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, leaders of two Nordic countries and NATO will meet Erdogan Tuesday (June 28) to break the deadlock. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, historically neutral Sweden and Finland had first applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty … Read more

Explained: What’s the impact of a Russian debt default?

A 30-day grace period on interest payments originally due May 27 expired Sunday. But it could take time to confirm a default. “While there is a possibility that some magic could occur” and Russia gets the money through financial institutions to bondholders despite sanctions, “nobody’s making that bet,” said Jay S. Auslander, a top debt … Read more

Explained: Why sanctions are flagging

Since February 23, the day before Russia invaded Ukraine, the European Union’s Council has adopted six rounds of sanctions to “impose clear economic and political costs” on the government of President Vladimir Putin, and to “cripple the Kremlin’s ability to finance the war” . Western governments, including the United States and United Kingdom, have cut … Read more

Explained: How the billion-dollar automobile industry is changing, courtesy Covid-19

The automobile industry, encompassing thousands of companies, millions of workers and billions in sunk costs, is undergoing a once-in-a-century change. Besides shifting from regular internal combustion engines towards electric vehiclesit is also going through another epochal change while trying to tackle the global supply chain issues. Having outsourced much of the manufacturing process in the … Read more

Explained: What is Roe v. Wade, which the US Supreme Court has overturned — and why is it significant?

The decision — an early draft of which was scooped by ‘Politico’ on May 3 — will transform life for women in America. Near total bans on abortion will come into effect in about half of the country’s states. Soon after the Supreme Court decision on Friday, the attorney general of Missouri issued an opinion … Read more

Explained: Who is Abdul Rehman Makki, how is he linked to Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hafiz Saeed?

last week, China placed a hold on a joint proposal by India and the United States to designate Abdul Rehman Makki under the UN Security Council Resolution 1267. Makki is the brother-in-law of Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba. The proposal was circulated to all UNSC members on June 1, with a … Read more

Explained: What led to a six-fold rise in heart attacks in Mumbai in the first half of 2021?

In the period between January-June 2021, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives to heart attacks every month which was around 500 in 2020. Nearly 23.8 per cent (17,880) of the total 75,165 deaths recorded till June last year in Mumbai were attributed to heart attacks. This information was revealed through an RTI filed by an … Read more