Explained: Perarivalan’s road to freedom

AG Perarivalan alias Arivu, 50, was only 19 when he was arrested on June 11, 1991. He was accused of having bought two 9-volt ‘Golden Power’ battery cells for Sivarasan, the LTTE man who masterminded the conspiracy to assassin Rajiv Gandhi. The batteries were used in the bomb that killed the former Prime Minister on … Read more

Explained: The content and scope of Article 142, invoked by Supreme Court to release Perarivalan

“State cabinet had taken its decision based on relevant considerations. In exercise of Article 142, it is appropriate to release the convict,” the court said. Article 142 of the Constitution Subsection 1 of Article 142 (“Enforcement of decrees and orders of Supreme Court and orders as to discovery, etc.”) says “the Supreme Court in the … Read more

Explained: Where coal blocks cases stand

The Supreme Court last week asked the Enforcement Directorate to file by July 15 a status report on the over 50 cases of money laundering it is probing in connection with the coal blocks allocation scam. The directions came in a case where the ED had pleaded that four officers were relieved since their tenure … Read more

Explained: Crop loan targets and why cooperative banks want action against commercial banks over not meeting it

While addressing the media in April, Vidyadhar Anaskar, the administrator of the Maharashtra State Cooperative (MSC) Bank had sought action against scheduled commercial banks for not adhering to the crop loan targets. The veteran cooperative banker has raised this issue multiple times, while pointing out that cooperative banks have outperformed the scheduled commercial counterparts in … Read more

Explained: What do we know about the debris that ‘fell from the sky’ in Gujarat?

On May 12, villagers in Gujarat remained confused and curious as fragments of debris “fell from space” at three locations — Bhalej, Khambholaj, and Rampura. As a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory probes the debris, we take a look as to what has been found so far, how it is different from the debris … Read more

Explained: Why the Char Dham Yatra is a risky pilgrimage

Since the start of the Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand on May 3, at least 23 pilgrims have died en route, mainly due to cardiac-related issues like heart attack, hypertension, or other comorbidities. According to the state health department data, 10 pilgrims died while on their way to Yamunotri, six en route to Kedarnath, three … Read more

Explained: The fight between two warring factions of Akshar Purushottam Swami temple in Vadodra

On May 9, a preliminary meeting began to arrive at a settlement between two warring factions of the Akshar Purushottam Swami temple in Haridham Sokhda, Vadodara, popularly known as the Sokhda Swaminarayan Sect, in the presence of Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, M.S. Shah. The fight between the two factions began following the … Read more

From neutral to NATO: Why Finland joining the alliance matters

While countries were thinking about the security dynamics of Europe, Finland’s Prime Minister had insisted that her country was unlikely to join NATO even as Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border in February. Three months and one invasion later, Finland is hurtling to join the alliance — a monumental shift for a nation with … Read more

Explained: For 5th-time Lanka PM, political and economic challenge like no other

A month ago, in an interview to The Indian Express, Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would “stay out” if asked to become Prime Minister of Sri Lanka again, as he did not have the numbers to form a government. Wickremesinghe is the sole member of his United National Party (UNP) in parliament. “I have not been … Read more

Explained: As SC reserves verdict on his plea for remission, the story of Rajiv Gandhi assassination accused AG Perarivalan

AG Perarivalan alias Arivu, 50, was 19 when he was arrested on June 11, 1991. He was accused of having bought two 9-volt ‘Powerstar’ battery cells for Sivarasan, the LTTE man who masterminded the conspiracy. The batteries were used in the bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi on May 21 that year. The ongoing case in … Read more