Sushil Kumar Modi writes: A skewed playing field

As technology flattens the world, the way we operate our daily lives — travel, entertain, educate, shop, communicate and even obtain food — is undergoing a radical change. This has impacted a variety of stakeholders in the country differently – there are obvious winners and losers. The nature of our success in dealing with this … Read more

Ishan Bakshi writes: On startups, a gravity check

The cycle, however long, eventually turns. And turned it has, in India. The startup ecosystem which has been in overdrive for the past few years — propelled by a combination of factors, but largely, by the era of cheap money — is now showing signs of weakness. And with this turn comes the realisation that … Read more

Preparing soil for the future

Food security is one of the core indicators of economic development. The modernisation of agriculture has brought huge dividends in terms of ensuring food security to large swathes of people, apart from improving crop production. A key element of sustainable food production is healthy soil because nearly 95 per cent of global food production depends … Read more

Richard Marles writes: Our entwined values ​​& interests

It is no accident that my first two bilateral visits as Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Australia are to Japan and India. The case for Australia making India a priority is unassailable: Australia must strengthen its understanding of and engagement with the world’s soon-to-be most populous nation and a deeply consequential power. Our … Read more

Disha Nawani and Vivek Kumar write: Rebuilding school, children first

A deep learning crisis has set in during the Covid pandemic. The National Achievement Survey (NAS) has captured a fall of nine percentage points between 2017 and 2021 in the performance of students in subjects ranging from maths to social science (IE, May 25). Since the absence of a formal, structured learning environment is being … Read more

India at bottom in EPI 2022 but environment survey confuses and stifles honest discussion on climate change

Blurb: We would argue that ranking countries are best done on some specific indicators such as urban air quality or domestic water pollution, for which metrics are relatively well-accepted and universal, and so comparisons are defensible. At best, aggregate indices give a coarse picture: Top 20, middle of pack, or bottom 20, nothing more. Unfortunately, … Read more

The big C: A step closer to a cure

My paternal grandfather died of rectal cancer. Since family history is among the several risk factors for such kinds of cancer, it was with great interest that I read the exciting report on the complete cure of rectal cancer in 18 patients who received a monoclonal antibody called dostarlimab. The study, conducted in the Memorial … Read more

Healthcare in India is ailing. Here is how to fix it

The emerging lesson most unequivocally from the pandemic experience is that if India does not want a repeat of the immeasurable suffering and the social and economic loss, we need to make public health a central focus. The virus is still around. We have no option but to live with that reality. Covid has also … Read more

The dangerous intellectual fad of ‘civilisation’

Civilization is an intellectual fad sweeping across the corridors of power in important capitals around the world. Since civilisations are the broadest cultural entities into which the human species is often divided, one would have expected civilisationism to transcend nationalism. Yet the civilisational rhetoric of today is mostly an exercise in rebranding nations — an … Read more

That which dies when a teacher is killed

At a time when the age of violence has reduced death to just a number to be added to the official statistics, we will soon forget Rajni Bala, the 36-year-old teacher who was shot by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam district. And possibly, because of our psychic and spiritual impoverishment, many of us will … Read more