‘The [bike] swayed, danced and fell more than once. I loved it’

Ambika Sharma says that as a kid, she was a “wild child”. At 12 years of age, she learned to ride her father’s bike. His reaction? “[He was] delighted I suppose, he taught me to ride… I know that he worried I would sneak the motorcycle out at times, even if we lived where there … Read more

Explained: What do we know about the debris that ‘fell from the sky’ in Gujarat?

On May 12, villagers in Gujarat remained confused and curious as fragments of debris “fell from space” at three locations — Bhalej, Khambholaj, and Rampura. As a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory probes the debris, we take a look as to what has been found so far, how it is different from the debris … Read more

Explained: How Sri Lanka fell into its worst economic crisis & what’s next

NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has only deepened further in the past few months, stemming from mismanaged government finances and ill-timed tax cuts in addition to the impact of Covid. Diminishing forex reserves, huge piles of debt, devaluation of currency, rising inflation and a falling economy has compelled the people to struggle for items … Read more