Gender neutral rape law? Legal experts disagree, call it flawed understanding of law

Can there be a gender neutral rape law? While the Kerala High Court recently observed that such an amendment is required in the penal, legal experts are in complete disagreement with some terming it as a “flawed understanding of the law” or that it “displayed a patriarchal mindset” and some even said it would be … Read more

Of gender identity and sexual preferences: What it means to come out as queer in the Tibetan community

“When I was backstage, I was so nervous. I was shivering. I thought people would throw chappals, tomatoes and pebbles at me. Then, the host announced my name. I went up and without greeting them, turned to the wall. The spotlight hit me. And then as they played the song… I forgot everything else and … Read more

IE Thinc Gender series: ‘Link skills with opportunity to access markets’

Abhishek Singh: Only 38 per cent of women have bank accounts because traditionally, they have not been given the opportunity to assert themselves as heads of families or claim land rights. Under government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the subsidy for making toilets is released in the name of the woman member of the … Read more