How To Grow Plants On The Moon

Researchers cultivated the plant Arabidopsis thaliana in samples of lunar soil (Representational) London: What do you need to make your garden grow? As well as plenty of sunshine alternating with gentle showers of rain – and busy bees and butterflies to pollinate the plants – you need good, rich soil to provide essential minerals. But … Read more

Jignesh Mevani interview: ‘I won’t let the activist Jignesh die… Cong also wants me to be what I am… Rahul wants me to grow as a Dalit leader’

What has changed in Jignesh Mevani after the April 19 arrest by the Assam Police? I am relaxed and offended both, relaxed obviously for getting bail and offended because of the harassment and persecution I was subjected to for no reason. (I am) absolutely innocent as far as these two cases (over the tweet, and … Read more

Smartphone Shipments Globally Dip for Third Consecutive Quarter, Samsung, Apple Continue to Grow: Reports

Smartphone shipments globally dipped as much as 11 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022, according to reports. This is the third consecutive quarter of annual decline by smartphone volumes in a row — amid component shortages that are impacting supplies in global regions. However, despite the dip in the shipments, Samsung has continued … Read more