MP create history, lift maiden Ranji title

Chase down target of 108 set by Mumbai with six wickets in hand Bengaluru: Madhya Pradesh, not considered among cricketing elites during the past decade, on Sunday humbled domestic powerhouse Mumbai by six wickets in a one-sided Ranji Trophy final under coach Chandrakant Pandit, who exorcised the ghosts of losing one at this very ground … Read more

The dramatic history of resort politics in India

For the last four days, a hotel in Guwahati has been at the center of India’s biggest political story. It is where the majority of MLAs from Maharashtra–rebels against Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray–have been sequestered against the turmoil in Mumbai. The leader of the revolt, Maharashtra Urban Development and PWD Minister Eknath Shinde, claimed on … Read more

Deletions in social science textbooks: History in the service of politics

A common refrain when talking of changes in curriculum is “reducing the content load on students”. The recent notification on the “rationalisation” of content in the textbooks by the NCERT begins with this assertion, adding that it is in keeping with the National Education Policy 2020, which also advocates creative experiential learning. We are told … Read more

Agnipath and bulldozer justice to history rewrite to celebrating Kalam and Narang

As protests against the Center’s Agnipath scheme swept through the country, resulting in violence and mayhem in some states prompting several Opposition parties to seek its rollback, a demand rejected by the ruling BJP, the reporting and analysis of this entire story dominated the news and opinion pages of the country’s leading Urdu newspapers. With … Read more

Express Investigation — Part 3: Textbook revision slashes portion in history on Islamic rulers of India

THE RULING establishment’s view that Indian history glorifies invaders and Mughals at the cost of others has now found a strong echo where it probably matters the most — school textbooks. The content on Islamic rulers has suffered deep cuts in sweeping changes made to textbooks by the National Council of Educational Research and Training … Read more

The history of sun worship in India — a diminishing cult

In India, Sun worship possibly started in the Neolithic period. Images of the Sun can be seen in a rock shelter at Odisha’s Sundargarh district. This rock shelter is located at around 200 feet above a forest road. The mural can be seen towards the center of the wall and the images averaging 20-25 centimetres … Read more

Explained: The Gloucester shipwreck, and its importance in British political history

It was over 300 years ago that a royal ship carrying the future king of England, Ireland and Scotland sank killing hundreds onboard. It also nearly killed the Duke of York, who later reigned as King James II, but could never shake-off the criticism that came his way in the aftermath of the ship’s sinking. … Read more

The shot of Rajiv getting hit — history in a frame

Few photographs can claim to have captured the exact moment. Even Henry Cartier-Bresson, the master, said finally it was all down to luck. And luck was with Sena Vidanagama on July 30, 1987. Vidanagama, who passed away on June 6, at the age of 76, was a staff photographer at the Sri Lankan government-owned Lake … Read more

Mandirs of a Mughal city: History, myth, and magic of Old Delhi’s temples

A temple where lights are magically snuffed out, one dedicated to Radha because her idol appeared under a Jamun tree here, and one with a shivlinga the Pandavas had worshiped. Two things unite these temples—they are all located in Old Delhi and they were all built during the Mughal era, flourishing then and since then. … Read more

‘Hyderabad Royal Mint museum to give a peek into the history and evolution of coinage’

A nondescript facade and compound wall, despite its cast-iron pillars and canons on either side of the entrance, stuck to a narrow lane at Saifabad in Hyderabad, may not aptly justify the status and role the Royal Mint played in the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad. The 119-year-old Royal Mint building, among the first to … Read more