‘Immunity conferred by Omicron is lower than Delta’

Once again, Covid-19 has spiralled in Maharashtra with the positivity rate hovering around 10 per cent. As of June 16, active cases stood at 20,634, a 13-fold spike from May 16, when the total number was just 1,526. Not only that, cases are jumping with alarming speed in most metros. Q) A lot of previously … Read more

Herd immunity was sold as the path out of the pandemic. Here’s why we’re not talking about it any more

Early in the pandemic, the term “herd immunity” hit the headlines, along with a polarized discussion on how to achieve it. Some groups were attached to the now-discredited notion of letting a dangerous virus rip through the population to reach the critical level of population immunity needed to reduce transmission. But a more serious conversation … Read more

Review disability quota immunity of IPS, 2 other forces: SC to Central government

The Supreme Court has asked the Center to have a re-look at the blanket exemption given to the Indian Police Service (IPS), DANIPS and IRPFS from the onus of reserving posts for persons with disabilities under the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 . The top court’s order came after the government, in an … Read more