Explained: What’s the impact of a Russian debt default?

A 30-day grace period on interest payments originally due May 27 expired Sunday. But it could take time to confirm a default. “While there is a possibility that some magic could occur” and Russia gets the money through financial institutions to bondholders despite sanctions, “nobody’s making that bet,” said Jay S. Auslander, a top debt … Read more

The impact of US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade will be felt acutely by marginalized people, including low-income women and women of color

For half of a century, women and pregnant people in the United States have relied on the right to abortion to make decisions about their lives, health, and well-being. In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision in Roe v. Wade established critical protections against violations of individuals’ rights to bodily autonomy, health, … Read more

US Supreme Court says Americans have the right to carry guns in public: the ruling, its impact

The Supreme Court issued its biggest gun rights ruling in more than a decade Thursday. Here are some questions and answers about what the decision does and does not do: What exactly was the Supreme Court ruling on guns? The Supreme Court said that Americans have a right to carrys in public for self-defense. That’s … Read more

Explained: The impact of price volatility

Between May 13, 2014 and May 13, 2022, the average “modal” (most-quoted) retail price of palm oil in India rose over 2.3 times, from Rs 68.5 to Rs 160 per kg. So did the consumer prices of packed sunflower (2.1 times; from Rs 90 to Rs 190.75/kg) and soyabean (2.2 times; from Rs 77 to … Read more

Explained: Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on Europe’s demography

The European Union has been plagued by a demographic issue for a long time — the region is getting older and more people are dying than being born. Europe’s median age of 43 is nearly four years older than that of North America, the next-greyest region. The population of the European Union is expected to … Read more

Understanding the history, consumption trends, and health impact of edible gold

Gold! Gold! Gold!” exclaims Chef Sanjeev Kapoor as he talks to indianexpress.com about people’s love and curiosity for the metal, not just as jewellery but even as food. It is well-known that gold occupies an important place in our society and culture, and is used to make a variety of significant and prized possessions including … Read more

No winner in this war, serious impact on developing and poor countries: PM Modi

Underlining that Russia has violated fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter by attacking Ukraine and its civilian population, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Monday that he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed that “Borders should not be changed through the use of violenceand “inviolability as well as the sovereignty of nations has … Read more

Videos Of Battery-Powered Scooters On Fire Impact India’s EV Push

Ola has recalled over 1,400 electric scooters amid a rise in fire incidents. A spate of high-profile battery fires is undermining India’s bid to become a leader in electric vehicles, particularly in the ubiquitous two-wheelers that ply the country’s traffic-clogged roads. Social media is wash with videos of battery-powered scooters in flames. Last month, a … Read more