Arvind Subramanian, Josh Felman write| On inflation, how the RBI failed, why it matters

Central banks have it easy when inflation is low because then they can provide ample liquidity at low interest rates, pleasing the nation’s borrowers. Their mettle is tested only when inflation rises, requiring them to take unpopular measures. So far, the RBI has been failing this test and that too on its core mandate. Consider … Read more

Like Nero, we fiddle as the world burns

The blazing red heat maps of South Asia show record temperature levels not seen in more than a century. With the heat wave stronger and more widespread than ever, four to eight degrees above normal, 200-odd forest fires blazing, power cuts, it seems like the apocalyptic future that novelists like Kim Stanley Robinson had described … Read more

On Ukraine, India must choose a side

As the war in Ukraine enters the third month, the time has come to re-evaluate as to whether the Indian position on the aggression is myopic, even in the short term. During the debate in the recently concluded session of Lok Sabha, there was near unanimity in the House that India must maintain its strategic … Read more

India must make the most of the diplomatic attention it’s receiving

India has diplomatic witnessed a flurry of activity during the past week with a long line of ministers, senior military officers and diplomats from a number of countries visiting Delhi and engaging with their Indian counterparts. The annual Raisina Dialogue provided the ostensible reason for these visits, but public interactions were no doubt accompanied by … Read more