‘Sweets seem to break down the barriers between communities’: Chef and food writer Rajyasree Sen

Sweets are a quintessential part of Indian cuisine, with no occasion complete without people enjoying a decadent dessert. From north to south and east to west, the country boasts of varied sweets, each with its unique flavour. Chronicling this love for sweets in India and their rich history is chef, food writer and columnist Rajyasree … Read more

Hues of Khurja: Heritage, process and changing trends of pottery in the ceramic city

Approximately two hours from Delhi is the ceramic city of Khurja – famous for its colorful pottery, glass, and ceramic works. A quick getaway from Delhi, Khurja provides sight to the sore eyes, a blissful respite as it welcomes you to her colorful by-lanes and alleys. Nestled among lush green mango orchards, dotted with sugarcane … Read more

Testing positive and using the ‘backdoor’ to get into the US

Michelle Fishman calls it the “worst-case scenario that you don’t really think through.” After a three-week vacation in Greece, the 52-year-old hotel art consultant from Miami and her husband took pre-departure coronavirus tests required to fly home from overseas. She tested positive, he did not. Although coronavirus travel restrictions have eased across many parts of … Read more

Understanding the history, consumption trends, and health impact of edible gold

Gold! Gold! Gold!” exclaims Chef Sanjeev Kapoor as he talks to indianexpress.com about people’s love and curiosity for the metal, not just as jewellery but even as food. It is well-known that gold occupies an important place in our society and culture, and is used to make a variety of significant and prized possessions including … Read more

With interactive, utilitarian art and ‘easy access’, creators aim to ease anxieties around NFTs at India Art Fair

At the Crayon Art Gallery’s display of MF Husain‘s works, two girls use the exhibit lights to cast their shadows onto his art and take a photograph. Elsewhere, a man captures his reflection in one of the metal artworks on display at the India Art Fair held in Delhi from April 28 to May 1. … Read more

Can we fall out of love?

In May 2020, Omar Ruiz found himself with a broken heart. “My wife told me she was no longer in love with me,” and shortly thereafter, the couple, who had been married 11 years, separated. Not only was he crushed, he said, but as a marriage and family therapist, “this entire process challenged my professional … Read more