Express Investigation — Part 4 | At table reworking school curriculum: 24 with RSS links

WHEN THE National Education Policy (NEP) was launched in 2020, it didn’t elicit much partisan attack. Largely insulated from ideological pull and push, it set the roadmap for reforms, some of which were rolled out recently: from a common entrance for admissions to universities to four-year undergraduate programmes. In one area, though, a place for … Read more

Express Investigation — Part 3: Textbook revision slashes portion in history on Islamic rulers of India

THE RULING establishment’s view that Indian history glorifies invaders and Mughals at the cost of others has now found a strong echo where it probably matters the most — school textbooks. The content on Islamic rulers has suffered deep cuts in sweeping changes made to textbooks by the National Council of Educational Research and Training … Read more

An Express Investigation – Part 2 | Class 5A Topic: Mathematics

Close your eyes and think… is there any time of your day that mathematics is not around you?” The children shift in their seats, their impatient eyes dart behind their shut eyelids as they attempt to conjure up math images. Thus begin two months of an assignment for Neha Sharma, class teacher of 5A of … Read more