This professor’s journey of making it to his dream interview has netizens hooked

Thanks to the internet, instant communication has become much easier. However, it was not the case even a few years ago. Now, a man’s story of almost missing out on admission to his dream institute owing to a postal delay has netizens hooked–so much so they think it is worthy of being represented on the … Read more

From rejection to redemption: Gundogan’s journey from being a migrant to City’s title decider

Six years ago, during a tense duel between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Ilkay Gundogan was waiting in the tunnel for the second half to start. Just then Pep Guardiola, then Bayern’s manager, nudged him with his arm, as he went past him. Gundogan stood awestruck, like a fanboy meeting his hero. “I was just … Read more

Mother’s Day: iMumz to Parentune, three Indian apps to make one’s motherhood journey easier

Motherhood can often bring a host of anxieties of both moms-to-be and those who have just become mothers. But in this age where many of us rely on the internet for advice and help, the challenge for many Indian mothers is to find platforms that give reliable advice, tailored to our cultural sensitivities. Here’s a … Read more

In Ukraine war, a long journey begins in prosecuting rape

The rape happened in the hours after midnight on March 14, in a classroom of a school outside Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine. Two days later, Yulia Gorbunova interviewed the victim and helped persuade her to report the attack, which could ultimately be prosecuted as a war crime committed by invading Russian forces. Gorbunova, an investigator … Read more