Droupadi Murmu and future of democracy to youth angst to Justice Chandrachud at King’s

As a major political turmoil roiled Maharashtra with an intra-Shiv Sena power struggle pushing the Uddhav Thackeray-led MVA government into the brink, the country’s leading Urdu newspapers provided its saturation coverage in their news and commentary pages. In their reporting and analysis, they also focused on the July 18 Presidential election, with the ruling BJP-led … Read more

BTS, kings of chaotic comedy: Zombie invasion, water fights to V’s iconic Snow White; 10 times the band left ARMY in splits

The K-Pop sensation BTS, dubbed as Princes Of Pop, are also the Kings Of Chaos, as labelled by their ardent fandom ARMY. When it comes to watching them on their variety shows, Run BTS, Bon Voyage and In The Soop, their fans almost forget that the septet has swept Billboard charts, been nominated for the … Read more

City of Maharajas and great kings – 10 places to visit in Jaipur – Today’s Traveler

Jaipur, which is the capital city of Rajasthan is a city with its own magnificent grandeur and majestic history. It is a city that sings the glory of great Indian kings and every atom of its soil carries the spirit of sacrifice. The City of Jaipur is a remarkable instance of indigenous city planning and … Read more