The TikTok star and political chameleon vying for Colombia’s presidency

As mayor, he called himself “the king,” punched a councilman who offended him and told a city employee pushing him to follow the rules that he’d wipe his own buttocks with the law. Rodolfo Hernández, a 77-year-old businessman and former mayor, has emerged as Colombia’s most disruptive presidential candidate in decades, electrifying voters with a … Read more

UK’s ‘brightest and best’ visa leaves out Africa, India and Latin America

When Britain started a program this week offering a two-year visa to graduates from some top global universities, Nikhil Mane, an Indian computer science student at New York University, welcomed the news. “I was happy,” said Mane, 23, whose university was on the list. “It’s a good way to pursue our dreams.” More than 5,000 … Read more