PM Modi presents black pottery pieces, Dokra art, ittar bottles to G-7 leaders in Germany; know more about the unique gifts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Germany for the G-7 summit, presented special gifts To all the G-7 leaders, highlighting India’s rich traditional art and culture. He gifted a gulabi Meenakari brooch and cufflink set from Varanasi to the President of United States, Joe Biden. This was presented with a … Read more

‘Sweets seem to break down the barriers between communities’: Chef and food writer Rajyasree Sen

Sweets are a quintessential part of Indian cuisine, with no occasion complete without people enjoying a decadent dessert. From north to south and east to west, the country boasts of varied sweets, each with its unique flavour. Chronicling this love for sweets in India and their rich history is chef, food writer and columnist Rajyasree … Read more

Billy Cotton, an interior designer for blue-chip artists

Billy Cotton was in his 20s, newly arrived in Manhattan in the early 2000s and coasting on a cocktail of youthful exuberance, weed and amphetamines, when a fire consumed his apartment in Chelsea, and with it, his sense of a future. The blaze had confirmed his worst fears. “I’d always thought on some level that … Read more

The Monday to Saturday yoga guide

For yoga therapy to be fully effective, the initial treatment should be ideally done away from home in a yogashram. At home, it may not be possible to relax deeply, and tension slows down the healing. Also, at home, the conditions that created the health problems in the first place, are still there and may … Read more

Hues of Khurja: Heritage, process and changing trends of pottery in the ceramic city

Approximately two hours from Delhi is the ceramic city of Khurja – famous for its colorful pottery, glass, and ceramic works. A quick getaway from Delhi, Khurja provides sight to the sore eyes, a blissful respite as it welcomes you to her colorful by-lanes and alleys. Nestled among lush green mango orchards, dotted with sugarcane … Read more

‘Create memories, not trash’: Why green weddings are the need of the hour

A wedding is considered to be one of the most auspicious and special days in one’s life. Months ahead of the actual wedding, people meticulously plan each and every detail to ensure the event goes smoothly. However, despite being a joyous occasion, weddings are also somewhat synonymous with waste — leftover food, floral décor, loud … Read more

Your lifestyle may be causing that headache

In the 21st century, leading an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is the most problematic concern for everyone. Our increased work pressure and inactive lifestyle have led to severe health complications. As per a WHO report, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet contribute to approximately two million deaths every year and is the leading cause of life-threatening … Read more

Testing positive and using the ‘backdoor’ to get into the US

Michelle Fishman calls it the “worst-case scenario that you don’t really think through.” After a three-week vacation in Greece, the 52-year-old hotel art consultant from Miami and her husband took pre-departure coronavirus tests required to fly home from overseas. She tested positive, he did not. Although coronavirus travel restrictions have eased across many parts of … Read more

Sleepless in summer? Blame climate change

As extreme temperature events increase in frequency, duration and magnitude, the human body, which is fairly adaptive when it comes to thermoregulation, may finally be experiencing the impact of climate change. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned that exposure to excessive heat has “wide-ranging physiological impacts for all humans, often amplifying existing conditions … Read more

Wedding crashers? Lately, more like welcome guests.

(Year of the Wedding) For their Jan. 3 wedding, Dazzle Deal and Levi Dunn at first planned to purchase the package with the lowest minimum guest count offered by their venue, Sunset Castle, in Henderson, Nevada. The ongoing pandemic aside, the couple anticipated a low turnout because their families are known to be “flaky,” said … Read more