Spinal fluid from young mice sharpened memories of older rodents

Five years ago, Tal Iram, a young neuroscientist at Stanford University, approached her supervisor with a Daring proposal: She wanted to extract fluid from the brain cavities of young mice and to infuse it into the brains of older mice, testing whether the transfers could rejuvenate the aging rodents. Her supervisor, Tony Wyss-Coray, famously had … Read more

In the memory of my aunt Asha, who taught me to be comfortable in my own skin

This past week dealt my family and me another blow, but with it came rich lessons in life and living. I lost my Asha Bua, a lifelong resident of Bombay (now Mumbai), to old age, in Bengaluru. Almost 90, she possessed energy and enthusiasm that couldn’t be matched by a nine-year-old in the best of … Read more