Sunday Long Reads: The success of South Indian films, learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin, Abhay K’s ode to nature, and more

Is the success of recent films from the south teaching Bollywood a lesson or two in positioning and storytelling? “Movies from the south are gold at the box office”. “Bollywood has forgotten how to make movies.” These two statements have been tossed out so frequently during the last six months, that even hardened sceptics have … Read more

This Mother’s Day, we round up the best on-screen mothers as portrayed in Bollywood

Indian filmmakers have captured the strong bond between a mother and a child beautifully over time. A mother’s love for her child is the purest and the most unconditional, and filmmakers never shied away from bringing their stories forward. With passing time, we have seen the role of a mother as portrayed in movies move … Read more

Mother’s Day: iMumz to Parentune, three Indian apps to make one’s motherhood journey easier

Motherhood can often bring a host of anxieties of both moms-to-be and those who have just become mothers. But in this age where many of us rely on the internet for advice and help, the challenge for many Indian mothers is to find platforms that give reliable advice, tailored to our cultural sensitivities. Here’s a … Read more

Neha Dhupia on suffering from mother’s guilt: ‘If they miss me, I miss them ten folds more…’

When it comes to working mothers, either taking a maternity break or getting back to work after delivering a baby can become challenging. Today, we talk to one of the coolest mums of Bollywood, Neha Dhupiawho has been shattering stereotypes with every move, who shot for a film when she was eight months pregnant and … Read more

K-drama moms vs Hindi serial mothers: Good, bad and sanskari; who tips the drama scales?

In the recently-concluded K-drama Business Proposal, Shin Ha-ri’s (Kim Sejeong) mother is rather perplexed when Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop) refers to her as mother-in-law (Jangmonim). The picture comes together and she realises that the rich CEO is her daughter’s boyfriend, and that doesn’t stop her from running across the street to hit him with a … Read more