Explained: Why is Turkey opposing the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO?

Weeks after Turkish president Racep Erdogan announced his opposition to fast-track NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, leaders of two Nordic countries and NATO will meet Erdogan Tuesday (June 28) to break the deadlock. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, historically neutral Sweden and Finland had first applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty … Read more

A sleepy Baltic rail line gets a geopolitical wake-up call

As war rages in Ukraine, fueling ever-growing tensions between NATO and Russia, a sleepy Baltic railway station with no passengers and few trains this week found itself at the center of a perilous new confrontation between East and West. The station stands on the border between Lithuania, a NATO member and strong supporter of Ukraine, … Read more

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares: ‘NATO must reach out to all countries like India which might be good partners’

AHEAD OF the NATO summit in Madrid on June 28, visiting Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares on Wednesday said that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which traditionally only looked towards the eastern flank, must also look to the southern flank, and reach out to all those countries that like India, might be good partners, … Read more

More cooperation says China to counter Biden’s economic NATO bloc

India oi-Vicky Nanjappa | Published: Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 14:39 [IST] New Delhi, May 24: As US President Joe Biden launched a new trade deal with 12 Indo-Pacific nations, including India, to enhance trade, economic and investment opportunities, China, which sees the pact as a threat to its dominance in the region, went on the … Read more

Indian democracy is global public good; if that cracks, it’s going to cause problem for planet: Rahul Gandhi in UK | India News

NEW DELHI: In an attack on the NDA government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi warned that democracy in India is a global public good and a central anchor for the planet, and if it cracks, it will cause a problem for the planet, claiming that there are two different designs of governance at work in India, … Read more

What the two-front war in Ukraine means for the world

Is the war in Ukraine entering a new and, perhaps, even more dangerous phase? The answer to this question depends on seeing Ukraine as a two-front war. There is the battle being fought in Ukraine, where the country has admirably held back Russian power, and cut it to size. But it is still not clear … Read more

Explained: NATO expansion & Russia

After nearly three months of debate within the two countries, Finland and Sweden have formally applied for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the US-led security alliance forged during the Cold War to defend its members from Soviet expansion. Transforming Europe The war in Ukraine has already changed the geopolitics of Europe and … Read more

Why some young Swedes remain uneasy about joining NATO

“The best thing for the security of Sweden and the people is to join NATO,” said Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, as she formally confirmed Stockholm’s intention to join the world’s largest military alliance earlier this week. Her announcement heralds the end of Sweden’s 200 years of military neutrality — a security policy the Nordic … Read more

Explained: Why Turkey is wary of Sweden and Finland’s NATO bid

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thrown a spanner In the works of Sweden and Finland’s historic decisions to seek NATO membershipdeclaring that he cannot allow them to due to their alleged support of Kurdish militants join and other groups that Ankara says threaten its national security. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has voiced confidence … Read more

NATO Assures Ukraine Open-Ended Military Support Against Russia

Ukrainian soldiers stand on a main battle tank near Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine. Kyiv: NATO on Sunday pledged open-ended military support for Ukraine, as Finland hailed its “historic” bid to join the alliance and with Western claims that Russia had suffered heavy losses in its push east. The promise came after Finland jettisoned decades of military … Read more