“I go for any story that has that quality,” says OTT star Jitendra Kumar

There are actors and then there are those who get skin-deep into the character and etch a permanent place in the hearts of the audience with their honest on-screen portrayal. Jitendra Kumar, lovingly called Jeetu Bhaiya by his massive fan-following is one of those actors. A man of the masses and one who has had … Read more

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla interview: ‘Chief Justice Ramana’ comments (on lack of quality legal laws debates while enacting) are not correct. It contradicts reality. The reality is on records which cannot lie’

The Lok Sabha has witnessed a tumultuous period since 2019 with the ruling party BJP and the Opposition having been in conflict on a range of issues. However, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, who completes three years in office, asserts that the Lower House of Parliament has become more effective and responsive as an institution … Read more

Digging Deep: Neighborhood air quality has spill over effects beyond what was previously thought

That air pollution impacts health is hardly news. Previous studies attest to the fact that air quality, along with other health indicators, further feed into – and even explain – socioeconomic inequalities that already exist. Studies in United States have shown that minority-poor neighbors experience higher pollution levels than White-nonpoor ones, which reflects in their … Read more