How Jan Železný’s magical run-up made Neeraj Chopra believe that he can

Dear Readers, Neeraj Chopra has been on a pilgrimage these days, and on this spiritual journey he has been picking glittering souvenirs. A few months back, while training in Turkey, he had met Jan Železný, the supreme deity of the javelin faithful. The other day, he was in Turku, Finland, the country where spear-throwing is … Read more

Explained: Why you don’t need ripped muscles and a long run-up to bowl at 150 kph like Umran Malik

Around 2008-09, an enticing rumour started to float on the Indian cricket circuit. It was said that Rajasthan Royals had a bowler called Atul Sharma whose every ball was a 150 kph thunderbolt. YouTube still has interviews of wide-eyed reporters capturing Sharma flexing his rippling muscles in the gym, flipping jumbo tractor wheels, hacking wooden … Read more