In Ukraine, One Minority Group Is Ambivalent About the War

Beneath dark clouds unleashing a summer rain, officials in a southwestern Ukrainian border village gathered silently, slowly hanging wreaths on branches to commemorate the destruction of a nation. The writings were not decorated with the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag; They were laced, instead, with the red, white and green of Hungary’s. And … Read more

North of Kyiv, the Russians retreated. But the war never left.

The tanks are gone now, and the thousands of Russian soldiers who poured into northern Ukraine in February have retreated back across the border. But fear still prevails in this quiet village 6 miles from Ukraine’s border with Russia and Belarus. In the distance, Russian artillery shells rock the neighbor towns every day. Their explosions … Read more

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Russia Ukraine War Live, Mariupol Fall to Russia: Hundred days ago, Russian President Vladimir announced a special operation to “denazify” Ukraine. Since then, the war has shown no sign of abating with both Ukrainian and Russian troops claiming victories in various parts of the country. While Ukrainian troops were largely successful in keeping Kremlin’s soldiers … Read more

Russians March On Severodonetsk As Ukraine Awaits New US Weapons

The Governor of Luhansk said Russian forces are now in control of around 70% of Severodonetsk. Soledar (Ukraine): Russian forces edged closer Wednesday to taking the key eastern Ukraine city of Severodonetsk but Kyiv’s hopes of holding off their invaders were boosted by a US pledge of more advanced missile systems to help their defence. … Read more

A Russian plane crashed into a house. Death was parceled out randomly.

It was Yulia Hrebnyeva’s fastidiousness that saved the lives of her family. First, she sent her husband outside to fix the lock on the door of their house. Then she brought her children down to the basement, insisting that they help her tidy the space where they had been sleeping every night to avoid the … Read more

Explained: Who is Patriarch Kirill, the religious leader facing threat of sanctions from the EU

The European Commission, the executive wing of the European Union, has reportedly proposed sanctions against Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin. Kirill, according to a Reuters report, has been added to a draft blacklist that includes hundreds of individuals with ties to the Kremlin, … Read more

After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed

When Vladimir Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine, war seemed far away from Russian territory. Yet within days the conflict came home — not with cruise missiles and mortars but in the form of unexpected and unexpected extensive volleys of sanctions by Western governments and economic punishment by corporations. Three months after the Feb. 24 … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: A recap of the third month of Putin’s invasion

The fall of Mariupol, the battle for Kharkiv, the shifting of focus to Donbas and the impending expansion of Nato membership — much has happened in the third month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the Russian troops first set foot in Ukraine’s towns and cities on February 24, the war initiated by Russian … Read more

Ukraine conflict won’t make Biden abandon Indo-Pacific strategy

US President Joe Biden’s summit meeting with the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian leaders this week in Washington, his travel to Seoul and Tokyo later in the month, and participation in the Quad leaders’ forum in theJapanese capital answer many important questions about the current US global strategy. When Russian President Vladimir Putin … Read more

Russia-Ukraine crisis: UNSC drops ‘war’, ‘invasion’ from first statement, terms it a ‘dispute’

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted its first statement on Ukraine since Russia’s military action began on February 24expressing “strong support” for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ efforts to find a peaceful solution to the 10-week “dispute.” The short presidential statement approved at a very brief council meeting Friday does not mention a “war,” “conflict” … Read more