Emmanuel Macron says Russia can’t win in Ukraine after strike on mall

France’s president said Tuesday that Russia “cannot and should not win” in Ukraine, voicing the West’s continued support for Kyiv following Moscow’s horrific missile attack on a shopping mall that underscored the war’s terrible toll on civilians. Ukrainian leaders denounced the strike, which killed 18 in the central city of Kremenchuk, as a war crime … Read more

Explained: Why is Turkey opposing the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO?

Weeks after Turkish president Racep Erdogan announced his opposition to fast-track NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, leaders of two Nordic countries and NATO will meet Erdogan Tuesday (June 28) to break the deadlock. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, historically neutral Sweden and Finland had first applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty … Read more

Coal dust and methane below, Russian bombs above

When Aleksander Maryinych enters a metal cage and descends into darkness with dozens of other miners for his six-hour shifts, the concussive thumps of an artillery war are replaced by the clatter of rail carts and the grind of machinery carving deep into the earth. Plumes of dust and smoke from Russian bombardment are exchanged … Read more

Russian Missiles Strike Across Ukraine As War Enters 5th Month

Russia invaded Ukraine on February24. Kyiv: Russian missiles rained down across Ukraine on Saturday, hitting military facilities in the west and the north as well as a southern city as the biggest land conflict in Europe since World War Two entered its fifth month. Russian artillery and air strikes pounded the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk … Read more

Explained: Russia has cut gas supplies to Europe; what happens now?

European leaders and businesses are sweating over fears that Russia’s manipulation of natural gas supplies will lead to an economic and political crisis next winter or perhaps sooner. Here are key things to know about the energy pressure game over the war in Ukraine. What has happened? Russia last week reduced gas supplies to five … Read more

Russian Forces Advance In Eastern Territory Ahead of EU Summit On Ukraine

Luhansk regional governor said that a Russian attack on Toshkivka “had a degree of success”. Kyiv: Russian forces captured territory along a frontline river in eastern Ukraine on Monday, and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy predicted Moscow would escalate attacks ahead of a summit of European leaders expected to welcome Kyiv’s bid to join the EU. Moscow’s … Read more

How US Is Ensuring Russia Cannot Hide Ukraine News From Its Citizens

Russia-Ukraine War: The financing effort is focused on three firms that build Virtual Private Networks. London: The US government has pushed new, increased funding into three technology companies since the start of the Ukraine conflict to help Russians sidestep censors and access Western media, according to five people familiar with the situation. The financing effort … Read more

Police investigating killings of 12,000 Ukrainians in war

The lush green beauty of a pine forest and singing birds contrasted with the violent deaths of newly discovered victims of Russia’s war in Ukraine, as workers exhumed bodies from another burial site near Bucha on Kyiv’s outskirts. The hands of several victims were tied behind their backs. The gruesome work of digging up the … Read more

Momentum in Ukraine is shifting in Russia’s favour

A war in Ukraine that began with a Russian debacle as its forces tried and failed to take Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, has seemingly begun to turn, with Russia now picking off regional targets, Ukraine lacking the weaponry it needs, and Western support for the war effort fraying in the face of rising gas prices and … Read more

Hundreds Of Floating Black Sea Mines Between Ukraine’s Grain Stocks And World: Report

The sea mines floating between Ukraines grain stocks and the world As the United Nations tries to broker a path for grain from Ukraine and temper worries about a global food crisis, hundreds of mines laid along the Black Sea present a practical nightmare that will take months to resolve even after any agreement. The … Read more