North of Kyiv, the Russians retreated. But the war never left.

The tanks are gone now, and the thousands of Russian soldiers who poured into northern Ukraine in February have retreated back across the border. But fear still prevails in this quiet village 6 miles from Ukraine’s border with Russia and Belarus. In the distance, Russian artillery shells rock the neighbor towns every day. Their explosions … Read more

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Russia Ukraine War Live, Mariupol Fall to Russia: Hundred days ago, Russian President Vladimir announced a special operation to “denazify” Ukraine. Since then, the war has shown no sign of abating with both Ukrainian and Russian troops claiming victories in various parts of the country. While Ukrainian troops were largely successful in keeping Kremlin’s soldiers … Read more

Putin’s threats highlight the dangers of a new, riskier nuclear era

Written by David E. Sanger and William J. Broad The old nuclear order, rooted in the Cold War’s unthinkable outcomes, was fraying before Russia invaded Ukraine. Now, it is giving way to a looming era of disorder unlike any since the beginning of the Atomic Age. Russia’s regular reminders over the past three months of … Read more

Quad signs off on Indo-Pacific: Split on Russia, unity on China

At the fourth Quad summit — the second since the Russian invasion of Ukraine — there were divergences among the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and US on the war in Europe but unanimity in their response to China’s belligerence as they strongly opposed “any coercive, provocative or unilateral actions that seek to change the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: A recap of the third month of Putin’s invasion

The fall of Mariupol, the battle for Kharkiv, the shifting of focus to Donbas and the impending expansion of Nato membership — much has happened in the third month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the Russian troops first set foot in Ukraine’s towns and cities on February 24, the war initiated by Russian … Read more

‘Such bad guys will come’: How one Russian brigade terrorized Bucha

When the soldiers of Russia’s 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade arrived in Bucha in mid-March, they brought a new level of death and terror to the city. Over the next 18 days, in just one corner of this Kyiv suburb where the brigade took control, 12 people were killed, including all of the inhabitants of six … Read more

Modi, Biden will discuss war in Ukraine and food security at Quad meeting

US President Joe Biden will have a “constructive and straightforward” conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the “impact” of Russia’s “brutal invasion of Ukraine”, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Sunday, ahead of their bilateral meeting on the sideslines of the Quad Leaders’ Summit in Tokyo on May 24. ing to questions … Read more

What the two-front war in Ukraine means for the world

Is the war in Ukraine entering a new and, perhaps, even more dangerous phase? The answer to this question depends on seeing Ukraine as a two-front war. There is the battle being fought in Ukraine, where the country has admirably held back Russian power, and cut it to size. But it is still not clear … Read more

Explained: NATO expansion & Russia

After nearly three months of debate within the two countries, Finland and Sweden have formally applied for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the US-led security alliance forged during the Cold War to defend its members from Soviet expansion. Transforming Europe The war in Ukraine has already changed the geopolitics of Europe and … Read more

In the Trenches of Eastern Ukraine, a Vicious and Deadly Dance

The impact of a tank round cracked the bunker’s plaster roof and sent uniformed men scrambling. Flak jackets and helmets were flung on and automatic weapons cocked. Amid a crescendo of machine-gun fire, a tall soldier slung an anti-tank missile launcher over one shoulder and took a slow drag on his cigarette. The Russians were … Read more