Military and diplomatic pressures mount on Russian President

Putin vowed to press attack on Ukraine despite the military setbacks but also faced concerns by India and China over the drawn-out conflict KYIV, Ukraine: Pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin mounted on the battlefield and in the halls of global power as Ukrainian troops pushed their counteroffensive Saturday to advance farther into Ukraine’s partly … Read more

Explained: What’s the impact of a Russian debt default?

A 30-day grace period on interest payments originally due May 27 expired Sunday. But it could take time to confirm a default. “While there is a possibility that some magic could occur” and Russia gets the money through financial institutions to bondholders despite sanctions, “nobody’s making that bet,” said Jay S. Auslander, a top debt … Read more

Coal dust and methane below, Russian bombs above

When Aleksander Maryinych enters a metal cage and descends into darkness with dozens of other miners for his six-hour shifts, the concussive thumps of an artillery war are replaced by the clatter of rail carts and the grind of machinery carving deep into the earth. Plumes of dust and smoke from Russian bombardment are exchanged … Read more

Russian Missiles Strike Across Ukraine As War Enters 5th Month

Russia invaded Ukraine on February24. Kyiv: Russian missiles rained down across Ukraine on Saturday, hitting military facilities in the west and the north as well as a southern city as the biggest land conflict in Europe since World War Two entered its fifth month. Russian artillery and air strikes pounded the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk … Read more

Amid Russian Invasion, EU Grants Candidate Status To Ukraine, Moldova

Zelensky said that “Ukraine’s future is within the EU”. Kyiv: European Union leaders granted candidate status Thursday to Ukraine and Moldova in a strong show of support against Russia’s invasion, as the United States said it was sending Kyiv more high-precision missile systems. The West’s latest attempts to rally behind Ukraine came as Russia closed … Read more

Russian Forces Advance In Eastern Territory Ahead of EU Summit On Ukraine

Luhansk regional governor said that a Russian attack on Toshkivka “had a degree of success”. Kyiv: Russian forces captured territory along a frontline river in eastern Ukraine on Monday, and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy predicted Moscow would escalate attacks ahead of a summit of European leaders expected to welcome Kyiv’s bid to join the EU. Moscow’s … Read more

Sri Lanka PM says he’s open to Russian oil

Sri Lanka may be compelled to buy more oil from Russia as the nation hunts desperately for fuel amid an early economic crisis, the newly appointed prime minister said. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would first look to other sources, but would be open to buying more crude from Moscow.Western nations have largely cut … Read more

McDonald’s, Moscow style, is back, as the Russian economy stumbles on

Yevgeny Shumilkin is going back to work Sunday. To prepare, he pulled the familiar “M” off what had been his McDonald’s shirt and covered the “M” on his McDonald’s jacket with a Russian flag patch. “It will be the same buns,” promised Shumilkin, who maintains the equipment at a restaurant in Moscow. “Just under a … Read more

putin: Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks his biggest ally in Ukraine war is time

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine settles into a grinding war of attrition, one question more than any other will likely decide the outcome: On whose side is time? Much of what unfolds will be determined by unpredictable battlefield dynamics, especially as Russian forces attempt a dash for territory in eastern Ukraine before heavy gunfire from … Read more

Explained: Who is Viktor Orban, Hungary’s PM who made the EU bend on the Russian oil ban?

After weeks of negotiations, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban on May 30 was able to secure concessions from the European Union in its sanctions against Russian oil. Landlocked Hungary, along with Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will be temporarily exempt from the embargo and will be able to receive oil from Russia’s Druzhba pipeline. Hungary … Read more