Digging Deep: Is genetic recombination linked to expression of harmful traits?

Most mammals, including humans, are diploid. That is, nuclear DNA (nrDNA) exists as pairs of chromosomes (humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while mice have 20). This pair of chromosomes are homologous, in that the sequence of genes on both the chromosomes is the same. However, a gene that sits on a particular address (‘locus’) … Read more

Started out as a fish. How did it end up like this?

It may not be the worst of times, but it is certainly not the best of times. The pandemic has no end in sight. The world is warming, the seas are rising and polar bears are barreling toward extinction. Also: taxes, the 9-to-5 workweek, the new threat of nuclear war. As people looked for something … Read more

Digging Deep: Neighborhood air quality has spill over effects beyond what was previously thought

That air pollution impacts health is hardly news. Previous studies attest to the fact that air quality, along with other health indicators, further feed into – and even explain – socioeconomic inequalities that already exist. Studies in United States have shown that minority-poor neighbors experience higher pollution levels than White-nonpoor ones, which reflects in their … Read more