Newsmaker | RB Sreekumar, a decorated cop and thorn in PM Modi’s side

A decorated police officer, RB Sreekumar challenged the Narendra Modi government’s claims of peace in Gujarat in the aftermath of the 2002 riots, spoke of the alleged collusion between government agencies and rioters, and was shunted out and denied promotion while in service. The Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch on Saturday arrested the former Gujarat … Read more

A new era: Brendon McCullum will try to bring identity & panache to England’s Test side

England’s new Test coach Brendon McCullum’s stocks have risen so much in eight years or so that one assumes he has always been this uber-confident, cool, courageous, swaggering leader. He wasn’t. It’s that personal transformation that offers England fans greater hope of a revival; that here is a man intimate with the vulnerabilities in sportsmen … Read more

There will be no winning side in Russia-Ukraine conflict, India tells UNSC

Asserting that there will be no winning side in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, India has told the UN Security Council that diplomacy will be a lasting casualty while underscoring the immediate need to innocent civilians from areas witnessing intense fighting Ukraine. Speaking at the UNSC briefing on Ukraine on Thursday, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN … Read more

More than just parties: Exploring Miami Beach’s cultural side

At the start of March each year, the neighborhood of Miami Beach known as South Beach is packed with bathing suit-clad college kids. Music blasts from speakers in seemingly every direction and long lines form outside popular hotel bars. Miami Beach has long been a popular destination for Spring Break. But spring breakers are just … Read more

On Ukraine, India must choose a side

As the war in Ukraine enters the third month, the time has come to re-evaluate as to whether the Indian position on the aggression is myopic, even in the short term. During the debate in the recently concluded session of Lok Sabha, there was near unanimity in the House that India must maintain its strategic … Read more

Umran Malik & Zaman Khan: Two pacers defining the speed rush on either side of India – Pakistan border

One of which goes like this. Far away from the country’s cricketing hub, a young boy develops a junoon for fast bowling. His family, uninitiated to the world of cricketing riches, discourages him. The love is obsessive, he doesn’t drop the ball. Spotted by a local coach, the young tearaway is fast-tracked from his club … Read more