OnePlus 10R review: OnePlus goes out of its skin with a budget flagship

I have over the years tried out every single OnePlus flagship as well as the R and the T versions that seemed to come shortly after every new edition of the smartphone. I used to think I understand that cycle to a large extent, but the speed with which the OnePlus 10R has come has … Read more

Sunday Long Reads: The success of South Indian films, learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin, Abhay K’s ode to nature, and more

Is the success of recent films from the south teaching Bollywood a lesson or two in positioning and storytelling? “Movies from the south are gold at the box office”. “Bollywood has forgotten how to make movies.” These two statements have been tossed out so frequently during the last six months, that even hardened sceptics have … Read more

In the memory of my aunt Asha, who taught me to be comfortable in my own skin

This past week dealt my family and me another blow, but with it came rich lessons in life and living. I lost my Asha Bua, a lifelong resident of Bombay (now Mumbai), to old age, in Bengaluru. Almost 90, she possessed energy and enthusiasm that couldn’t be matched by a nine-year-old in the best of … Read more