For a better South Asian neighbor

Recent developments — in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan — underline the geographic imperative that binds India to its neighbors in the Subcontinent. Together, they should remind the region’s leaders that working with the logic of geography has become an unavoidable necessity amidst the deepening regional and global crises accentuated by Russia’s war in Ukraine. … Read more

Where Sri Lanka’s Inflation-Driven Crisis Could Head Next

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has defied calls to resign. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has defied calls to resign, pleading instead to form a new government after violent conflict this week left eight people dead in an escalation of a months-long crisis over food and fuel shortages. “I will give the opportunity for the … Read more

Explained: How Sri Lanka fell into its worst economic crisis & what’s next

NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has only deepened further in the past few months, stemming from mismanaged government finances and ill-timed tax cuts in addition to the impact of Covid. Diminishing forex reserves, huge piles of debt, devaluation of currency, rising inflation and a falling economy has compelled the people to struggle for items … Read more