Pop-a-thriller travellers bend the rules in 2022 : new research by Today’s Traveler – Today’s Traveler

Here come the newbies…not the Z traveler nor the much-touted urban Indian traveler on the go. This is the time of the pop-a-thrill Indian traveler says new research by Today’s Traveler. Popular destinations for domestic travelers in India in mid-2022-Today’s Traveler Research The research by Today’s Traveler found that a sizeable portion of the post-Covid … Read more

World Environment Day 2022: Why sustainable travel has become more urgent in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic has been a lesson in slow living. In the last two years, people have begun to notice many previously-ignored aspects of their life, including health and environment. They have come to realise one cannot thrive in the absence of another, and that to take care of surroundings and to keep them clean and … Read more